Call Me Miss Camila

Call Me Miss Camila

100th day.png

Hello and happy Saturday. I’m exhausted but I feel super accomplished and excited today because I’m (finally) officially Miss Camila in TpT.

TpT stands for Teachers Pay Teachers, an awesome site I love because I have access to a ton of resources made by teachers like myself, and I can also create and sell my own products. I’ve had my store for a while now, and one of my objectives after quitting my job would be to dedicate that extra free time I had to my little material development projects.

My store was originally called The Cool Teacher Diaries because that was the name of my teaching blog and Instagram. Now, when I created this unified blog and my unified Instagram account, I thought it would be nice to someday change the name of my TpT store as well, but I didn’t give much thought into actually doing it until a few months ago.

Changing the name of the store was easy, and took no time. The annoying, exhausting part was having to change each individual product as well as its cover design because these all had my old name. I procrastinated for quite a while, advancing on other TpT and blogging projects until today I decided that I just had to get my store’s name changed and move on with my life. So, yes, I’m finally Miss Camila in all of my public social media, which makes me super happy.

If you want to check out my store, click here. I’m always open to suggestions and requests in terms of the products you’d like to see in it.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

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