Cleaning My Teaching Closet (pt.5)

Cleaning My Teaching Closet (pt.5)

Hello and happy Saturday. This is the last you’ll hear from my supplies, and I saved one of my favorite items for this post, can you guess what it is?

I think one of the very first things I’ll have to buy when I move to Baltimore is a pointer like this. It actually came in a three-pack, but I gave one away a long time ago, and I left the other a school. I liked to use this when my students were doing show and tells, so that they could point at things. Needless to say, they loved it, too.



If you thought one of my favorite supplies ever are stickers, then you were right. I adore stickers with every fiber of my soul, which is why I’d been collecting them for a while, even before I became a teacher. It was easier to let go of them than I’d anticipated, by think I’m just waiting to be in the States so that I can start my conversatio


n from scratch.






These are foamy stickers, which I used for decoration. I’m pretty sure I also gave these to a teacher friend.







Look, I don’t know what happened, but I ended up with a collection of gluesticks. I don’t use that much glue at all, but there’s something about me that is somehow always present in my life.

I can, on the other hand, explain the amount of silk paper. You see, one of the Colombian subscription boxes I used to get every month came with a sheet of silk paper, to sort of cover the products inside. That’s why I have so much paper.

Is there anything that is not strictly a school supply, but that you still accumulate for your classroom? I’m thinking wrapping paper, boxes, or other containers. Let me know in the comments!

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila


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