Empties #5

Empties #5

Hello and happy Sunday. I’m an expert in accumulating empty jars in a bin and then forgetting about them. Sorry about that. Let me make it up to you by bringing you a bunch of empties I’ve sorted into different categories. As always, I’ll let you know my thoughts on the products and whether or not I’ll be repurchasing them. Let’s get started, shall we?

I only have one product in my “hair” category, and it’s the Schwarzkopf Beology Repair Oil Serum. I got it in a Colombian subscription box called SenseBox, and I’m not sure if this exact product is sold in the States or other countries. I really enjoyed using this product and I felt that it really helped repair my hair while preventing future damage. I’m not going to buy it on my own for two reasons: 1. I think it’s unnecessarily expensive, and 2. I have several hair products at the moment, so I don’t need to buy another one.

Now let’s move on to body lotions. First I have the Delectable Triple Moisture body lotion by Cake Beauty. I got this as a reward in exchange for point on Ipsy. I already knew and loved this brand because of the subscription service, but this lotion is probably my favorite out of the Cake products I’d tried. It smells like dessert, and I love that, especially because I apply lotion before bed and I love to feel that I smell nice. The full-size version is $14, which to me is a reasonable price, so I would consider buying it in the future.

The other cutie is the Iris Blue & Iris Blanc body milk from L’Occitane. In the States, some L’Occitane stores have a 5 for $25 sale, which I live for because when will you ever get a L’Occitane product for $5? Whenever I see this sale, I stock up on body wash, body milk, stuff for my face, and a little something for my mom because she’s the one who made me love this brand so much. This is more light and liquid than other lotions, and I think it’s because it is a body milk. It smells like flowers and also a little bit like talc, but in a good way. I used to love applying this after the gym because it would absorb and leave my skin feeling hydrated and soft, plus the scent was very soothing. I’d buy this again, but I’m pretty sure it was limited edition.

We’ve come to the “makeup” section, and oddly enough, I only have three products to share with you. The first one is the Covergirl Outlast All-Day Primer. This was a good primer, that stayed with me for quite a while. It even survived my makeup classes. It did nothing to improve the appearance of my skin in terms of texture, but it left a nice base to work with and apply products on. Will I buy it again? No, I actually just bought a new primer, and I’ll share my thoughts on it when it comes.

I feel that whenever I do an “empties” post, there’s always liquid eyeliner, and I think it’s because they dry down very damn quickly. Today I have the Maybelline Master Precise Curvy liquid eyeliner, and let me tell you, I held on to it for as long as I could. If you’re just getting started with makeup, or if you’re learning how to master liquid eyeliner, then I totally recommend you buy this one. To me, the shape and width of the pen makes it easy to handle because it’s not super long and thin, quite the opposite, really. The tip is also amazing, and as you grow more confident and skillful, you can try different widths and styles with it. I don’t use liquid eyeliner all that much (even though I always seem to have lots of them), so buying a new one seems like a waste right now.

Finally, we have my EOS lip balm. Is it really makeup? No, but I liked to apply it sometimes to prep my lips when I was wearing matte lippies of any sort. I think I’ve said this before, but I have lip balm in every one of my bags, on my desk, and on my nightstand. Basically, wherever I go I need to have lip balm at hand. As much as I loved my EOS, though, I don’t care that the next lip balm I buy is this brand or not.

We’ve come to the last section, the “face” section. The first product we see is a jar of Personal Care dry skin cream I thought I would never run out of because it’s huge. My dad got it for me and that was my go-to moisturizer for a long time. I’d buy it again if I found it somewhere because as much as I love playing around with different products, I prefer full-size items over samples or travel-size stuff.

We then have two products from Haiko Natural, which is a brand I discovered via SenseBox. I’ve talked about this brand, and I really like it even though I think its pricepoint is a bit high for my taste.

First is the Cleansing Cream and Makeup Remover, which worked fine for my everyday looks, but wasn’t really that effective when I was wearing a full-glam look. I also felt that it smelled like cinnamon, and I don’t like that scent, especially not on my face. For that reason especially I’m not buying it.

What I would buy is the Eye Contour Gel, although I’d probably get it from a cheaper brand. This reduced the appearance of the bags and dark circles under my eyes so much that whenever I didn’t use this, people asked me whether I sick or if something was wrong with me. I’ve never used fillers, but I think this gel has a very similar effect. I loved it.

Another product I loved, which was introduced to me via SenseBox, was the Ponds Flawless Radiance serum. I tried this as a primer, as a moisturizer after I washed my face in the mornings, and as a night moisturizer. It leaves your skin looking and feeling absolutely flawless, just as the name suggests. I’m not sure whether this is sold in the States or in Colombia, but if I ever see it around and the price is reasonable, I’ll buy it.

There’s also some spray SPF my dad bought me in Chile (don’t ask me why because I have no clue), and I liked to use it as primer when I was doing natural/ no makeup looks. I’m looking for a new face SPF, but given that this was bought in another country, it’s not an option for me.

The next three products are brought to you by Ipsy. Let’s start with the two face washes, okay? We have the Skinfood Egg White Perfect Pore cleansing foam, which I loved because the scent was super soft, and I felt it doing wonders for my skin’s texture. The full-size product is $13, which again, I think is pretty reasonable, so in the future I might consider buying it. The other face wash is the Juara Rice facial cleanser. The scent was also super soft, but I feel that this wash didn’t do anything other than clean my face, you know? I’m obviously not buying the full-size version, especially because this product is expensive. Lastly, we have the cute little jar with a pink lid. It’s the SOROCI Morning calming cream. This has the nicest scent and a texture you’ll love because it absorbs super quickly and I feel that it leaves the face ready for makeup. The problem with this is the price (really? $30? You’ve got to be kidding me), so that means I’m not buying it.

We’ve come to the end of this post, and as always I’d like you to tell me, which of these products was your favorite and why?

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila


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