Cleaning My Teacher Closet (pt. 4)

Cleaning My Teacher Closet (pt. 4)

Hello and happy Saturday. I hope you’ve been enjoying all the stuff I used to have in my teacher closet, most of which I got rid of. Let’s begin with something techie because teachers don’t only buy markers and stick

ers, okay?

I got this adapter so that I could connect my phone to the Smart TV in the different classrooms I taught, but it didn’t work for my iPhone, so I bought another one, and gave this to one of my teacher friends.



These are temporary tattoos. I never used them for a class, don’t worry about that. I had them because I personally love temporary (as well as permanent) tattoos, and would occasionally play around with them.

These are highlighters I’d been accumulating since I was in university, which is probably the only time in life when I did use highlighters.







Finally, these are just adhesive tags, which I’ve probably kept since my sister and I were in school because I was the one who labeled our supplies. When I worked at an afterschool, I also had to resort to labeling my things because some people had the tendency of keeping things that belonged to me. My teacher bff, who actually has a business, took the tags because she can add prices to her items with them.

Have you had any job in which you needed to label your stuff so that it wouldn’t get taken by other people? Let me know in the comments!

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

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