Using Only Hotel Toiletries

Using Only Hotel Toiletries

Hello and happy Sunday. Last week I showed you what I always take in my travel bag, and so I thought it would be fun if today I shared with you what happened a few months ago when I decided to use only hotel toiletries for a while. Let’s get started, shall we?

I’m one of those people who basically collect stuff from hotels, but one day I realized I had a ridiculous amount of shampoo, body lotion, and other products I just wasn’t going to use.

Body lotion is a total must for me. My days never end without body lotion, so I decided I’d test two hotel brands. Not only did I feel like it didn’t work, I felt that my skin was even drier after I applied the lotion. I wasn’t happy at all.

I also tried the conditioner, and if you know me, then you know that this is a product I don’t always use. Again, I felt like it didn’t help my hair at all. It wasn’t softer or easier to brush.








Because I only wash my hair during the weekends, I’m extra picky with my shampoo. I need a product that really cleans my hair. I don’t care about anything else as long as my hair is clean when I step out of the shower. None of the three hotel brands worked. Indeed, I think in all three cases I had to use the full bottle and still left feeling that my hair wasn’t really clean. That’s a horrible feeling, by the way.




The soap is the only product that I can say worked the way it was intended to. I felt clean, and although I didn’t like the scent of the body wash, it had a nice texture.

After this experience, I realized that hotel toiletries don’t really do anything unless you’re in an extreme situation and need to shower urgently but didn’t bring your own stuff. I won’t collect these products anymore because I feel they’d be going to waste, and I will continue to take and use my own products.

In the comments let me know whether you use the hotel toiletries, and your thoughts on them.


Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila