My Lipliners (And How I Use Them)

My Lipliners (And How I Use Them)

Hello and happy Sunday. As much as I love makeup, I always like to remind people who ask for my advice that no step or product is mandatory. What I mean by this is that, if you don’t feel like adding a step to your makeup routine is necessary, then don’t; makeup is a game and you’re allowed to make your own rules.

A product that I rarely include in my routine is lipliner. On weekdays I’m always on a rush, and I’d rather apply a lipgloss or lipstick than add the previous step of lipliner. I never consciously reach for one, so my pencils are often unused. I’m sure many beauty gurus live and die for lipliners, but I’m not one, I’m just a teacher who loves makeup.

I only have a set of lipliners, which I didn’t even buy myself; it came with another makeup product I bought via Amazon. I like the pencils I have, though, because the color range is very classic and wearable.

Now, I know I just said that I never reach for my lipliners, and as of today that is true, but in the past I loved wearing lipliner, especially when I got started with makeup and was trying to find my own style. I found three ways in which I liked to use lipliner, and I’m sharing them with you right now.

With Lipgloss

Remember a couple of years ago when nude lips were the next best thing? Well, back then I liked to experiment with my different shades of nudes, and lipliners came in super handy. I would apply it as a base, and that was what gave me the pigmentation, which could lean more towards a brown, a pink, or a red. I would then apply a coat of lipgloss, and that was it. I used that for my more natural “no makeup” looks.

As a Base for (Bold) Lipstick

You know that super bold shade of purple you just *need* to rock? Well, add some lipliner as a base and it’s going to make your lips look flawless. The lipliner makes the application more even because it covers the actual color of your lips, and it also makes lipstick last longer. This, of course, applies for different shades of lipstick, not just bold colors.

For Ombré Lips

Sometimes I’ll put lipstick on, and then I’ll add a lighter shade in the center of my lips to get that ombré/pout effect. This can also be done if you wear lipliner as a base and then add a lighter lippie.

Are lipliners a part of your makeup routine? How do you use them? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila


5 thoughts on “My Lipliners (And How I Use Them)

  1. I’d die without my lip liners! I find that lip liners are tough to find because not many people rely on them nor are all created equal. I prefer a creamy (but not too creamy) pencil formula. The ones you have are the perfect colors for versatile looks! I’d love to see pics of how you wear them!

    Dom |


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