Four Ways in Which Calendar Girl is Better Than the Fifty Shades Series

Four Ways in Which Calendar Girl is Better Than the Fifty Shades Series

Hello and happy Wednesday. Before I had this blog, that is, a long time ago when I juggled with three blogs nobody read, I had this series called “Books and Chips,” in which I basically talked about mommy porn. Yes, I read mommy porn, or erotica, or whatever you want to call it.

I read about one or two books of this kind a year, it’s not like that’s the only type of book I read, but I enjoy the experience. The way I see it, some people watch porn, some people have  toys, and I have mommy porn. I call these books my “chips” because just like junk food does to one’s body, they don’t add anything to my brain or soul, but they are delicious and I appreciate them once in a while.

In my latest mommy porn adventure, I found Calendar Girl by Audrey Carlan, or it found me, I still don’t know. I was in a trip and somebody else was reading it but didn’t appreciate the exorbitant amounts of sex, and I was reading another book, but I wasn’t really into it, so I borrowed Calendar Girl and devoured it. I read it in Spanish, which is why I’m not going to write a proper review, but rather compare it to the Fifty Shades series by E.L James, which I’ve also read and talked about in the past. Now, after this long-ass introduction, let’s get started, shall we?

1. The main character is sexually experienced and that makes things more interesting 

Mia Saunders, our main character, has to work as an escort for a year, and throughout the series is talking about her experiences with different clients. She knows what she’s doing when she’s having sex, and I think that makes the story flow. If you’ve read Fifty Shades of Grey, then I’m sure you remember how the first few times Anastasia and Christian had sex, it was basically all about him giving her instructions on what to do and how. That’s not sexy, that’s not what I want to read.

2. It deals with a different type of contract, and I’m living for it

Like I explained earlier, Mia is an escort, so the type of contract she has with her clients is completely different to the one Christian wants Anastasia to sign. The contract itself is not described in detail, at least not in the first book of the Calendar Girl series, but often Mia mentions that she read it and that she understand what it is about. That saves us a lot of controversy, like the one revolving around Anastasia’s and Christian’s contract, which I could bet she didn’t sign.

3. Mia’s clients are super nice, as opposed to Christian Grey, who is a prick

I don’t know whether I need to explain this one. Christian Grey is all sorts of messed up, which might be the reason why he’s a complete and utter prick to absolutely everyone including Anastasia. Mia’s clients are the complete opposite to that. They are nice to her, and most of the time treat her like a friend. They each have very different personalities, but they’re always decent human beings with no dark pasts or anything weird going on.

4. It’s not BDSM

I was thankful as I progressed in my reading and discovered not one of Mia’s clients was into BDSM. I’m comfortable reading about it, but I would certainly rule it out of my sex life completely. I don’t understand how people get pleasure from humiliation and pain, and when I read the Fifty Shades books, there were times in which I didn’t understand what was going on and it was hard for me to imagine the situations and connect with the story. In Calendar Girl, sex is just about regular, but it’s not the slightest bit of “vanilla,” as Christian calls it.

I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the Calendar Girl series, and I have more mommy porn in my TBR, so expect another edition of Books and Chips soon. If you have any suggestions of series of this kind I should read, let me know in the comments.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

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