Trying Out Lip Tattoos

Trying Out Lip Tattoos

Hello and happy Sunday. The very first video of Tati I ever saw was of her trying lip tattoos. Since then I’ve been subscribed to her channel, and I love to see her trying out weird makeup stuff, and even though I was kind of curious to try the lip tattoos, I wasn’t really interested in buying them, you know?

My aunt, who is a makeup artist and who lives in the States, sent me this box of lip tattoos for Christmas, and the curiosity from when I first saw Tati’s video, sparked once again inside of me. I decided that I’d try them and share the process and my thoughts with you. Let’s get started, shall we?



The process itself is pretty easy and straightforward: first you apply the product on your lips and you wait ten minutes; then, you peel it off from your lips. I picked the fuchsia shade for this first experiment.

I must admit that the first time was a little disastrous, and it was partly my fault. You see, I grabbed some product with my finger and applied it to my lips. I think that’s the reason why it looks patchy and uneven. The second time I tried this, I applied it directly from the tube and felt that the results were 1000% better.

While you wait for the ten minutes to be over, try not to open your mouth because the product can get in it, which besides tasting horribly, might stain your teeth. Yes, it obviously goes away, but realizing you have hot pink teeth is not sexy.

This is how my lips look after peeling off the product. You can see that because they are chapped, there are areas in which there is more pigmentation than others. Overall, my lips were left with a nice shade of pink, although it’s nothing like the fuchsia in the packaging or on my lips in the previous picture.

The second time I tried it, I noticed that the pigmentation was stronger, and that might be because I applied the product directly from the tube, and also because my lips were exfoliated so the application was more even.

Either way, you should take into account that this acts more as a lip stain than an actual lip gloss or lipstick. I use mine as a base for strong, pigmented lipsticks. I might also try one of the lighter shades with a bit of clear lip gloss on “no makeup” days.

Have you tried lip tattoos or would you like to? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila



3 thoughts on “Trying Out Lip Tattoos

  1. I’ve had some in my amazon wishlist for a while. Mostly because they’re so weird I want to experience them, not because I think they’re going to become my staple lipstick alternative haha.
    Do you have a before picture of your lips? The difference between the product and the stain it produces is so drastic that I can barely tell what it did. Their flaw, not yours obviously. Are the reds any darker? And do the lighter ones even do anything?


  2. You just gave me the greatest idea, and its to try all the shades I have, with before/after pictures. I’m sorry I didn’t add a “before” picture to this post though. In the set I have, there are two shades of red: Dahlia, which is your classic Hollywood red, and Poppy, which is darker, more like a deep burgundy. As for the lighter shades, they’re Lilac, which is this neon pink and Rose, which comes out super dark. The mask itself is really pigmented, but obviously the stain it leaves is way subtler, so if your lips tend to look naturally red or pink like mine do, I don’t think you’d really notice a difference. I’ll keep playing with these and write an updated version of this post sometime soon. Happy Sunday!


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