My Orange and Bold Lippies

My Orange and Bold Lippies

Hello and happy Sunday. By the title you already know what this post is about, so let’s get started, shall we?

Trestique Matte Color in Costa Rica Coral 

This is actually a two-in-one product, but I decided not to add the lip balm because it’s not visible in the swatches. The matte lipstick is great. It is my go-to lipstick for when I’m on holiday. It is pigmented and it stays on throughout the day. To me this is a very soft shade of orange, and I swear by it.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Morocco 

This is a gorgeous red-based orange. I often wear this shade with my more classic looks to replace the red lip that goes with them. Whenever I wear this lip cream, everyone compliments my makeup, and I love its texture and pigmentation.

NYX Butter Lipstick in Fireball

Apparently, according to the NYX site, this shade no longer exists. This super soft lipstick looks great on its own, but I also love to use it as a base for the lip cream I mentioned before. It is a soft red-based orange, that I would suggest to those people who are starting to play with bolder makeup shades.

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Alien 

I got this lipstick just because I knew I needed a black lipstick in my life. I’ve worn it only for Instagram , and though I know some people wear it to go buy dog food or whatever, I just can’t. This is obviously the queen of bold lipsticks, and you can see in the swatch just how pigmented it is. Seriously, when it dries down it’s like you have paint on your lips. I can’t talk to you about durability because I haven’t worn it for more than an hour or so, but judging by other products from this line, you’ll be set for the day.

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Stone Fox

This shade is still super bold, but I have worn it out. Of course, some people stop and stare because, well, gray lipstick is not very common. When you apply the first coat it looks like a very dark green, and I think because it indeed has a green undertone, but you can work to build up a more solid gray shade. Because the color is so bold and in contrast with my lip color, I did have to reapply a few times during the day.

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Little Denim Dress 

This shade also has a green undertone to it. I’ve worn it, like the black lipstick, only for Instagram. It is super scandalous, and to be honest I’ve never seen anyone wearing it in real life, but it’s still cool to own an electric blue lipstick.

Which is your favorite bold lipstick shade and where would you wear it? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

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