Goodreads Update

Goodreads Update



Hello and happy Wednesday. I’m always honest when it comes to the books I’ve read and the ones I haven’t. I rarely post a review on a book I haven’t fully read, unless I was provided a sneak peek or an excerpt. I think adding children’s books to your Goodreads list is kind of like cheating, though I have to admit I did that last year because I needed to reach my goal.

Yes, sadly, on more than one occasion I’ve become one of those people who seem to read only for the sake of achieving their reading goal, of “winning” at the challenge they set for themselves at the beginning of the year. Once, I checked my reading challenge and it showed me that I was five books “behind schedule,” and that had been after I’d modified the goal from 70 books to 65.

At that moment I decided I had three options: I could keep lowering the goal, so that I was always “on track,” although that was sort of like cheating; I could go on reading mode, find a ton of easy, short reads and achieve my goal; or I could just stop caring and decide what I wanted to do was enjoy my reading time without feeling like I had an assignment to fulfill. I picked option number 3, which meant resetting my Goodreads challenge.

Now, I’ve seen many people set their goal to one book, which they accomplish within two hours of establishing the mark. It might appear to be dumb, but the reason for setting a goal is to be able to keep track of the amount of books one reads in the year. I had, for example, read 46 books by the time I decided to forget about a goal. Don’t get me wrong, I still like to keep a record of the amount of books I read in a year, and I still like to challenge myself, I just wasn’t feeling that particular challenge.

In terms of my blog, not having a reading goal doesn’t change anything because I will continue reading at the pace I’m used to, and I even think that you’ll benefit from more in-depth reviews because I’ll be less pressured when reading. I have some interesting ideas you’ll be able to see soon, and that I think can be accomplished because now I don’t “have” to be reading a certain amount of books in a month or in a year.

If you have a Goodreads account and we’re not friends yet, click here  to add me. In the comments, let me know whether you set a reading goal for yourself or not.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

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