Organizing My Makeup

Organizing My Makeup

Hello and happy Sunday. Every once in a while I like to take a look at my stuff and get rid of what I don’t use anymore. If it still works, I’ll give it to my sister, and if it doesn’t. I’ll just throw it away. Today I thought it’d be fun to show you what I got rid of and what I decided to give a second chance. Let’s get started, shall we?

The first two products I gave to my sister were an eye cream and then a moisturizing cream. They’re alright, I just don’t use them anymore and I don’t want to keep them with me if I know somebody else might enjoy them.


I “rescued” this primer, and I’d actually kept it in the wrong container, which is probably why I hadn’t used it in a while. This is one of those pore minimizing primers and I love it because it makes the texture of my skin appear to be flawless and it gives me a great base for my makeup. I’ll definitely keep using it.





Then we have a collection of stuff I found on my “face” container. I think I gave all this stuff to my sister as well, but I don’t know whether she kept everything or maybe threw something away. The first product is clear mascara, which when I started playing around with makeup five years ago must’ve been a super useful product. Now I know it does absolutely nothing. Then I have this eye primer I got for free when I bought something from Amazon (I don’t even remember what it was), and I swear I tried this thing but it felt like putting vaseline on my eyelids and who wants that?

It broke my heart a little bit to get rid of my WunderBrow because I absolutely adore that product, but I’m now going for darker eyebrows, so the shade I have it in doesn’t do it for me. I also gave my sister a contour, bronzer, and highlighter set because I have my fair share and wasn’t really reaching for this anymore.

This is the only palette that didn’t make the cut in my eye shadow container. They’re all nudes, and I have all of those shades in other palettes, so this one was really just sitting there, occupying unnecessary space.








Then we have one of those “things I bought because a Youtuber told me to.” The shape of the wand makes applying this eyeliner very uncomfortable for me, if I’m being totally honest, and then the actual line you get to draw is thick and super dramatic, which was trendy up until 2016, but not anymore. I think this went right in my “empties” bin, so you’ll hear more about it in the future.




Here are some more eyeliners, only these are pencil ones. I got rid of them because I have a whole lot and I know I’m not going to use them all. Also, yes, there’s a pot of gel eyeliner because that was my thing a while ago, but now after knowing the wonders of liquid eyeliner, I’m not going back.






I got this mascara in a Colombian subscription box and it’s alright, you know? I still prefer my Maybellines and Cover Girls, but sometimes I’d apply this. The thing is, as it always happens with mascara, I have others, and I don’t want this, which is a perfectly fine product, to dry down on me when somebody else can benefit from it. Oh, by the way, when it says it’s waterproof, it totally means it’s waterproof.





And finally, a collection of lip glosses, tinted lip balms, lipsticks and lip creams who’ve found a better home inside my sister’s makeup bag. If I’m being completely honest, I should’ve included a lot more lippies, but they’re my ultimate obsession, and it’s very hard to let go. As soon as I think about getting rid of a lip product, I start seeing it with new eyes, and then I decide it’s my new favorite thing. It was hard enough to let go of these, though.

Now before we finish, let me know in the comments about the one product you find it harder to let go of.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila