Books That Should Have Trigger Warnings

Books That Should Have Trigger Warnings


Hello and happy Wednesday. I feel that I’ve read my fair share of problematic books, and that although I’ve talked about them separately, I needed to make a post that at least gathers my most recent problematic reads.

Now, when I’m saying “problematic”, I’m referring to the fact that I think these books need huge trigger warnings, and that if you could be triggered by some of the issues I mentioned, then you should probably not read these books because in my opinion, the issues are not handled in a smart, professional way. Again, this is 100% my opinion, so I can be wrong, or you can feel differently about what I say here, I’d just like to help readers that might be more sensitive towards a certain type of content. Let’s get started, shall we?

Did I Mention I Love You? by Estelle Maskame  [x]

This book is all sorts of problematic if you ask me, but specifically talking about trigger warnings it has two: child abuse in the form of domestic violence and eating disorders. The former is mentioned but there are no scenes depicting it or describing it in any way, while the latter is clearly portrayed through some stereotypical behaviors by the main character. However, there is no clear mention of the main character being diagnosed with an eating disorder or being treated for one.

The Harder I Fall by Jessica Gibson 

There should be a huge trigger warning on this book related to child abuse in the form of domestic violence. There are scenes that clearly depict domestic violence. Our main character also follows certain behaviors related to eating disorders, although she hasn’t been diagnosed or treated.

Let Love In by Melissa Collins 

Huge trigger warning for suicide in this novel.

In The Hope of Memories by Olivia Rivers

I will write a proper review on this book as soon as I’m done writing this post. The trigger warnings for this book are for suicidal thoughts, and an actual suicide, as well as a diagnosed eating disorders. The novel is very graphic when describing the symptoms of the eating disorder, as well as the thoughts the character has, and the suicide scene.

I know there are many more books that should include trigger warnings, so if you know of one, please add to the list by sharing the title in the comment section.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila