November Ipsy Glam Bag Haul + Review

November Ipsy Glam Bag Haul + Review

Hello and happy Sunday. I’m the kind of person who loves taking trips on odd dates, even if it’s not vacation time or whatever, and I love that not-quite-vacation vibe. I believe the products of my Ipsy Glam Bag for the month of November are meant for precisely that vibe. I can even see all of these products used in one look. Let’s get started, shall we?

Bang Beauty Lip Gloss in Spice

This is a thick, opaque, nude lipgloss I’m living for. It’s got this coral undertone I love because it gives some edge to your typical nude-lip look. Personally, I think nude lips are here to stay, but this shade gives you the possibility to be a tiny bit bold. The formulation is super rich, and because it’s a gloss it’s not going to dry down on your lips.

Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Bitten & Bronzed Matte Bronzer

First, A+ for packaging because I absolutely adore animal print, felines, and rainbows. When I first saw this bronzer I was a bit scared because it looks like it’s got a gray undertone, and that usually means that my face will end up looking like I just played with mud and let it dry on my skin. That doesn’t happen with this bronzer. I actually applied it before I went on a trip to the beach and it gave me this nice, natural, sun-kissed look we all want to get without actually exposing our faces to sunlight. I appreciate the fact that it’s matte because if you’re going on holiday somewhere hot, you don’t want to look all shiny.

SOROCI Morning Calming Cream

I needed a face cream for my morning routine because I’m running out of the one I currently use. It has a super soft scent, which you know I appreciate when it comes to skincare because I don’t want to feel like I put perfume right on my face, but I also don’t want to apply something that smells like pure chemicals. It is a lightweight cream, which absorbs super quickly but leaves the skin feeling all nice and healthy. I like the presentation because it comes in a jar, so that means I’ll be able to use and scrape off every last bit.

Tarte Deluxe Amazonian Clay Blush in Feisty

When I found out I was going to get this blush, I thought it was too dark and was kind of disappointed because I’d already gotten the bronzer and imagined they’d be pretty similar. I was wrong, thankfully, and I’m actually very happy about the product I received. If the Bang Beauty lip gloss were a blush, it’d be this one. It is the perfect matte, neutral blush, which means it’s foolproof. I love that it’s matte because, again, it goes with the vacation, warm weather vibe I’m going for.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics HD Perfecting Powder

I was in desperate need of a white powder because the ones I have are either yellow or have a bronze tint to them. This is super thin, almost like a loose powder, but I didn’t see any fallout. It really does live up to its name because let me tell you, my undereye area looks flawless.

I am very pleased with my glam bag and I’m forever in love with Ipsy. I’d like you to tell me which product is a must for you when you go on vacation, whether it’s makeup or skincare.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila