Tinder Social Experiment

Tinder Social Experiment

Ebook (1).png Hello and happy Thursday. The year is almost over, and so I want to reflect on a little something I did a few months ago, before I decided to delete Tinder from my phone. Let’s get started, shall we?

First, let me be clear; it’s me we’re talking about, I wasn’t going to do something too crazy or dangerous, especially when it came to strange men. My social experiment consisted of looking at all my matches and texting “hi” to all of them and see what would happen.

I set some rules for myself to ensure that the experiment could go right and become post-worthy, so for example I decided I wasn’t going to unmatch any guy after I’d texted in the first place unless 1) he expressed that for some reason he wasn’t interested in talking to me, and 2) he was rude or offensive. Over the course of the experiment, I didn’t “like” any new guys, just the group I started out with.

This one guy replied right after I texted, and asked me what I was doing. This was a Sunday night, and you know what teachers do on Sunday nights: we sleep. I’d been out with my family watching “It” and the only thing I wanted to do was getting bed and text random guys. I told him I was getting ready for bed, and he said that sucked because he actually wanted to ask me to meet that night. Cool, dude, you clearly didn’t read my bio, where I stated that I’m a book loving, makeup obsessed, tattooed TEACHER.

This other guy replied while I was talking to guy number one, and said something about him looking for a girlfriend to take to Montecarlo, which sounds weird as it is, so I wished him good luck and unmatched him. That’s why I created rule number one; I’d had matches for quite a while so some of them might’ve been far away from me at the moment I texted.

There was this other guy who replied “hi” back over the night, but just that. Like, I know I wasn’t giving him a lot to begin with, but come on, he could have said something else, make it a bit easier to have a conversation.

After a week or so, I unmatched everyone, and then the following month I deleted Tinder, but that had nothing to do with this experiment or the app itself. Have you done your own social experiment? Tell me about it!

Happy Thursday!

Love, Miss Camila

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