Netflix Talk: Degrassi Season 4

Netflix Talk: Degrassi Season 4


Hello and happy Tuesday. Do you have a day or afternoon off and want to binge watch a show on Netflix? Well, Degrassi is the perfect show if you don’t want something super profound, but especially if you want to watch a show that’s super fast paced and that you can go over in a day or less.

I’m going to talk about season 4, which is the one I most recently watched, but I encourage you to watch the first ones. Trust me, it’ll take you a few hours. I kid you not, two minutes after the season began, there was already a lot of drama going on, and I was super into it. I’m sorry, but there’s a part of me that enjoys watching teenage/high school drama and thinking “well, good thing I no longer have to experience that.”

There are characters who I instantly hated from the moment they made their first appearance, like Esme, and there are others, like Frankie, whom I’ve grown to despise. Put them both together, and you’ll get me rolling my eyes for full scenes.

Now, of course, there are characters I adore. Miles is great for many reasons, and in season 4 he proves to be a true sex god with an amazing body. Saad, who’s introduced in season 3 is a total cutie and I rooted for him throughout the season.

Something that surprised me in a positive way is that Lola, who is from Argentina, actually speaks Spanish (with an accurate Argentinian accent!). As a Latina, it bothers me when characters are cast for roles in which they have to speak Spanish, but they do so poorly. The actress who plays Lola, at least in that tiny part where her character speaks in Spanish, does so with a flawless accent, and made my Latina heart super happy.

Every season, there are certain issues that are discussed as part of the plot. In this season, issues like feminism (what it is, and what it’s not), and gender identity were discussed, specifically because one of the characters feels like they don’t belong in the gender category they’d been assigned at birth. Also, given the terrorist attacks that took place in different European countries, this issue, too, was discussed, as well as the way people started to think about Muslims after these attacks.

So yeah, I guess this show does make you think about stuff and reflect how our young people should be taught about current issues, but it’s still bubbly and light in general, which is great for a day of binge watching.

Have you watched Degrassi: Next Class? What do you think about it? Are there any other shows like this one you’d recommend? Let me know!

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Miss Camila

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