Let’s Be Pen Pals

Let’s Be Pen Pals

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Hello and happy Monday. I’ve had this idea for a while, and finally decided to share it with you, my lovely readers. It’s pretty simple. so this post is going to be super straightforward and also probably very short, but it’s okay, right?

Right, so I’ve seen on different social media that people become online friends and send each other stuff, but they actually don’t know each other in person or don’t live close enough to hang out on a regular basis. That actually sounds kind of scary, but you know where I’m going with this idea (hopefully you do…I’m not a creepy old man, I swear).

Ever since I sent my giveaway winner the books they’d won, I started thinking how cool it would be to get to know some of you, if not in person, online or through letters or whatever. As I stated at the beginning, this is a pretty simple idea, so what I’d like you to do, if you’re interested in connecting with me, is share your Twitter or Instagram handle, or maybe your Tumblr URL if you have one so that I can check out your account, and connect with you on social media.

You can also click here  to go to my Contact page, and there you’ll fill out a form with your e-mail and in the comments section you can tell me that you’re interested in becoming pen pals. Please do not send me any personal information before I reply or send you an e-mail myself.

You can check out my social media as well and maybe send me a message over there, so if you want to, just click the link and you’ll be re-directed: Twitter; Instagram; Tumblr.

Happy Monday!

Love, Miss Camila

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