Moving My IG Accounts to a Single One

Moving My IG Accounts to a Single One



Hello and happy Friday. Today I wanted to update you on a change I made a few months ago social media-wise. If you know me, you know my favorite social media app is Instagram. I’m always updating my stories and posting new pictures.

When I used to have three blogs (that’s right, I have no idea how I managed to write, schedule and post on three different blogs), I decided to have three different Instagram accounts, so I had my teaching IG, my bookish IG and my “personal” account, which was where I posted my makeup looks and hauls.

Like everything, at first it was super fun and I loved being able to manage my three accounts from my phone. In each I followed accounts that were similar to mine and it was great. That is, until I realized I posted more on my personal account that I did on the others, and that was annoying and a bit stressful, when it should’ve been just fun, you know?

For a few months, I just kept the three accounts, until one day when I was on vacation I couldn’t take it anymore and decided that if I wanted to have a unified “brand” in terms of my blog, I needed to unify my Instagram accounts as well, and that’s what I did. I try to follow a good amount of accounts I followed separately and then just started posting pictures.

If you haven’t checked out my account, click here and if you like what you see, comment on my posts, give them a like, or follow me, I post new pictures at least once a week. And please, in the comments below share your IG handle so that I can check you out.

Happy Friday!

Love, Miss Camila