Netflix Talk: OITNB Season 5

Netflix Talk: OITNB Season 5

NETFLIX TALK-.pngHello and happy Monday. Being on vacation means binge watching my favorite shows on Netflix, and one of the shows I love and cherish is Orange is the New Black. The main reason I love it is Alex Vause because, well, that woman is absolutely amazing. I’ve obviously grown to love the story and the characters.

Season 5 is all about a riot going on in Litchfield Penitentiary after C.O Bailey killed Pussey. I honestly thought the riot thing would go on for one, two episodes tops, not the whole freaking season, but once I understood it was actually sort of a real-time thing, I enjoyed it more.

This season doesn’t have as many sexy bits as other seasons do, which was disappointing for me, if I’m being completely honest. I mean, when I say I love Alex, I mean it; I don’t want to see her just sitting around or following Piper everywhere.

The story focused more on the riot itself and the reasons behind it, and it uncovers many issues the inmates encounter due to poor or nonexistent medical assistance, degrading jobs instead of education programs, to name a couple. It continues with the format of showing the life of some characters before they were in prison, which I love, especially because the casting is absolutely spot on.

Now, I laughed a ton, as always with this show, but I think this is the season in which I’ve cried the most, and I mean, through the final episode alone I cried like five times. It is certainly not the best season, but it is a season worth watching, in my opinion.

Do you like Orange is the New Black? If so, who’s your favorite character and why?

Happy Monday!

Love, Miss Camila

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