My Teacher Planner (An Update)

My Teacher Planner (An Update)


Hello and happy Saturday. A few months ago I wrote a post on the teacher planner I’d use for the new school year. Now, in that post I talked about where I got it and all those details, so if you want to know more, click here. In this post I’ll be talking about how I’ve been actually using the planner throughout the school year. Let’s get started, shall we?

What we first see here is my yearly planning. I made it based on last year, but as you can see, it now has some notes I wrote in pencil, and post-its. I add them whenever I want to modify something from the “original” plan, so that at the end of the year I can have an updated, more complete yearly plan.

I’m in charge of uploading a more detailed planning of my classes with Pre-K and Transition every two weeks, and that’s when the yearly plan comes in super handy. For Kindergarten, however, there’s another teacher in charge, so while she uploads the planning, I write my ideas for the classes in a lined paper, to then complement with what she uploaded.






This is my weekly planner, and probably the most important part of everything I’m showing you. I color-code it so that it’s easier for me to know what I have to do with each grade. Here I only write keywords or the general idea of my lesson. On the “notes” section, I add any ideas that come to mind, lessons that I had to postpone or homework that needs to be sent.





Finally, right before the school year started, I added these monthly planners, which you can find at Playdough to Plato as part of the free pack where I got the other forms. I use this for two things: one, in colors I add important events happening each day (maybe a visit to the library, a meeting with a parent, or a special theme day). Because I can see the full month, it’s easy for me to use that information when I’m doing my two-week planning. Now, the other thing I use it for, is to document what I did in each class at the end of the day. I do this so that I can add that information to the yearly planning and make my life a little easier each year.

Do you use a planner for work? If so, how do you use it?

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila