My Book of Happy Thoughts

My Book of Happy Thoughts

Hello and happy Friday. Last Christmas I gave my sister a makeup bag filled with all the essentials, and she was so grateful she gave me a ton of stuff. One of the things she gave me was this cute notebook, in which every day since December 24th, 2016 I write five things that make me happy. Today I’ll be sharing with you ten things, which I’ve selected thanks to a random number generator. I highly suggest you start your own little book of happy thoughts, because it gets you to put things into perspective and always have at least five reasons every day to be happy and thankful. Let’s get started!

#588 Remembering my school years.

#93 Cake for snack, fries for lunch.

#460 Sporting a skirt for the first time in a while.

#288 Tiny animal-shaped chocolate.

#685 Being able to do new exercises.

#521 Waking up to the sound of the sea.

#74 Crazy colored makeup.

#182 Speaking in French.

#40 Showering past noon.

#64 Tight clothes that make me look slimmer.

Those are ten things that make me happy. Now, tell me, what’s something that makes you happy?

Happy Friday!

Love, Miss Camila