Kawaii Box Unboxing + Review

Kawaii Box Unboxing + Review

Hello and happy Thursday. As a lover of all things pretty, I’d like to introduce you to Kawaii Box, a monthly subscription box that for $19.80 delivers you the cutest things you’ve ever seen. I’m talking about stickers, stationery, candy and other goodies you’ll love. Did I mention international shipping is free? Well, now you know.

I was subscribed last year, then cancelled my subscription and re-subscribed again earlier this year. Today I want to share with you what I got in my March box (which I actually received in May) so that you have an idea of the goodies included in the box and evaluate whether it’s worth it to you or not. 

The card that comes with the box says there were eleven items included, so I’ll least each and briefly review it. Let’s get started!

1. Bunny Purse 

I’m a preschool teacher, so I love all things fluffy and fuzzy. This is perfect for the loose change I keep in the backpack I take to school, and the size is great because I can find it easily among all the stuff I keep.

2. Carrot Erasers

Yeah, so, among everything I collect, I have my own box full of erasers shaped as macaroons, chocolate bars, and now I have carrot erasers! I might not use them for what they’re intended, but I’ll keep them around for sure.

3. Puffy Stickers

These went straight to my stickers box. I adore stickers and these ones are just so pretty to look at. Honestly, I feel like all my preschool-teacher dreams are being fulfilled with the goodies in this box.

4. Temporary Tattoos

At first I thought they were stickers and I just wanted to have somewhere to place them and look at them forever, then when I read the card I thought of putting a little crown on my ring finger just because I thought that would look so cute. I decided, though, that I’ll wait until I’m on vacation because I don’t want students asking me questions about my body art. For now they are in, you guessed it, my temporary tattoos box.

5. Sticky Notes

I have sticky notes shaped like arrows, telephones, stars, hearts, and even sleeping cats, but I didn’t have a pad of sticky notes shaped like a panda’s head with its mouth wide open. I probably won’t use them to answer any notes from parents in them, though because I have to make them believe I’m a serious, responsible adult.

6. Chocolate Cookies

I wanted to save these for when my sister came home, but that resolution lasted for about ten seconds. These cookies were absolutely amazing and I want to have more of these. Like, is there any chance that I can get the supersized version?

7. Bag Tag

This is one of those things I didn’t know were a thing until I got one. I want to travel now more than ever so that I can attach this to my suitcase and be like “yep, that’s mine, the one with the macaroons bag tag.”

8. Magnetic Bookmarks

You should know by now that I love collecting stuff, and among that stuff are of course bookmarks. My favorite, though, are the short magnetic ones because they literally can’t go anywhere as opposed to large paper ones that can sometimes fall off, but they don’t leave marks in the pages like some clip bookmarks do. These ones are a bit flimsy but I think it’s because of the material they were made from. I haven’t used them yet but as soon as I pick up a physical book.

9. Acrylic Pins

Can we start getting a couple of pins in each box? Because honestly, these were so pretty and bright that I want to star collecting them. They are now on the bag I take to Portuguese classes because I want my classmates to see how cool I am.

10. Candy Gel Pen 

This might be a teacher thing, but gel pens are my absolute favorite thing. I love how pigmented the ink is and how they glide on the page. Plus, this one has a cute ball thingy in the tip that looks like those accessories you can tie to zippers. I will leave mine on the cap of my pen because I think it looks nice that way.

11. Candy DIY Kit

Here’s a confession: I ate all the candy and didn’t create any shape like the box instructed. I also bit the carton stick because I thought it too was a piece of candy. The actual edible goodies tasted like the best years of my childhood. I felt like I was eating edible play dough and loved every second of it.

So, as you can see, for less than $20 I got eleven items I absolutely loved. You can click here and check out the Kawaii Box page and maybe think about giving it a try.

Let me know about your favorite subscription box for cute stuff!

Happy Thursday!

Love, Miss Camila