How I Use Blendspace

How I Use Blendspace

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Hello and happy Saturday. Every day of my teaching life I’m thankful for technology, and I’m particularly thankful for the Internet. I’m one of those teachers who’s always looking for new resources online, whether it’s games, YouTube channels, or a cool learning platform, and I believe that’s how I discovered Blendspace.

You can access by clicking here and you can join for free. What you get when you join is the possibility to create lessons, that you can share with other teachers, or in my case with parents. You have the possibility of adding plain text, add videos directly from YouTube, link other pages, upload images and PDF files.

My lessons usually include all of the aforementioned because I begin with a brief introduction for parents to understand what the lesson is going to be about, and then I add the rest of the content. A cool thing about Blendspace is that you can change the title and description of the resources, even if they were uploaded and not created by you. I use this feature when I upload a video to add guiding questions or activities, for example.

If you have a good Internet connection in your classroom, you can create and display lessons in your own class, which saves a lot of time. You can also search for and view lessons that other people have uploaded. Personally, I’d never done that, but I might in the future because it can help me as I plan a class. Another feature I don’t use but that you could find interesting, is the possibility of creating quizzes. For this, the person viewing the lesson must be logged in, so they need an account, and in some schools it may be tricky to get parents to do so. Still, Blendspace is an amazing resource and I’ll use it for years to come.

What are other online resources you know and use? Let me know in the comments!

Happy teaching!
Love, Miss Camila

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