October Glam Bag Haul +Review

October Glam Bag Haul +Review


Hello and happy Sunday. It’s time for another Ipsy unboxing, which is always super fun for me because I love getting new makeup and beauty products every month. Let’s get started, shall we?

Tarte Deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara 

Tarte is definitely a high-end brand that is well-known in the makeup and beauty community. For this reason, I basically assumed I would get a good mascara, I just didn’t know how good it would be. The wand looks pretty standard. It’s not super thick, but the bristles are kind of soft, not plastic. It is straight, which tells me this mascara is intended to give length. Now, what you get is long, full, almost fake-looking lashes, which is what I love in a mascara. I wouldn’t buy it, just because it’s expensive and I don’t expect it to last more than a few months.

Hey Honey Trick or Treat Active Propolis Cream Concealer 

I talked about this in depth last week, so check out that post. Basically, this will make your concealer dreams come true. I love its texture and its coverage. I just wish it were less expensive so that I could actually buy it. Hey Honey is a brand I discovered thanks to Ipsy and I love it.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Perversion 

As with Tarte, Urban Decay is a well-known brand, so it is sort of a given that its products will work. The texture of this eyeliner pencil is great for basically everything: waterline, tightline, top lash line, and whatever else you want to use it for. I wore it for work one day, and it passed the test, so I’m telling you, if this resisted a day in the life of a preschool teacher, it will stay in place while you go party. It’s stupidly expensive for a pencil eyeliner, so I’ll just enjoy the sample I got.

Doucce Freematic Highlighter in Solstice 

This is pretty similar to an Urban Decay highlighter I previously got in an Ipsy bag, but this shade has a pink undertone, which I love because I’m all about the rose gold look. I really like this highlighter, and I like having more shades to choose from and play with whenever there’s a special occasion. Doucce is another brand I discovered through Ipsy and I think it’s great quality.

Cute Balms Lip Balm in Vanilla 

This cute little macaroon is now in one of my drawers at work because I’m one of those people who always needs to have lip balm in hand. The scent is fantastic and I love feeling my lips hydrated when I apply it.

That’s it for today’s haul, but I’d like you to tell me whether you know of any subscription service that is comparable to Ipsy because I’m always looking for new things to try.

Happy Sunday and happy last day of the year!

Love, Miss Camila




DIY Movement Dice

DIY Movement Dice

Hello and happy Saturday. I like to re-purpose just about anything for my classes, and whenever I have the time and the energy, I like to get crafty. In today’s post I’m going to show you how I turned an old baby formula box into a dice for my science class with Kindergarten. Let’s get started, shall we?

The first thing I did was assemble the box. You’ll notice the bottom is a little bumpy and that’s because I didn’t really know how the tabs fit, but I fixed that later on with lots of tape.


I used this dice for an activity on types of movement, to complement the work on a booklet by Little Lifelong Learners, so I searched for pictures of the objects shown in the worksheet. At first, I was sort of lazy so I printed the pictures on a colored paper so I didn’t have to color them myself.







Here’s what I both love and hate the most of making this dice: the covering up. I began by cutting colored papers in half and gluing them to each of the faces of the box. The paper didn’t cover the whole face, but that’s okay because I then put decorated duct tape as a frame. The center, or rather, the part where the color paper is visible, is where the pictures go.




To make sure my dice was super sturdy and boy-resistant, I covered the edges with colored tape. This also created a nice frame.





I then glued the pictures to each face of the cube and added commands, according to what the worksheet indicated for each object.








And, yes, I couldn’t resist and had to color the pictures. For extra protection, I covered each with thick tape, but contact paper also works.


What other activities can you think of involving a giant dice or a cube? Let me know in the comments and I might try them out!

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila



24 Facts About Me

24 Facts About Me

Mila Writes.pngHello and happy Friday. The year is almost over, which means that soon we’ll go back to the regular blogging schedule. In that holiday spirit we’re in, I thought about giving you a little present. Given that I’ve been 24 years old for a while, I wanted to share with you twenty-four facts about me. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. My name is Camila

You may know that already judging by the name of this blog. It’s spelled with one “L” and most English speakers mispronounce it.

2. I am Colombian and American 

I was born in Arlington, Virgina, in the U.S because my parents were living and working there at the moment. They, however, are Colombian, which makes me Colombian as well. In other words, I’m American born and Colombian raised.

3. I am a teacher

This is something else that seems obvious to some people, given that on Wednesdays I blog about teaching, but it’s something not everyone knows about me. I am a school teacher and have been for the past year and a half. I teach English as a second language, and would like to work with students who have emotional and behavioral disorders sometime in the future.

4. I speak Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese

Spanish is my first language, but English is a close second. I’ve spoken English since I was four years old. I learned French while I was at school, and my main motivation at first was the fact that my best friend was taking classes. It then came in handy when I started my major and saved me a lot of time. I’ve recently started taking Portuguese classes and I find the language very easy to learn.

5. I’m tattooed and pierced

I’m at a point in which I should start saying I’m “heavily” tattooed. I love ink and I love piercings, though I can’t stand looking at needles. Right now I have nine tattoos and seven piercings, but I think that number will increase by the time this post gets published.

6. I am a vegetarian 

I’ve been a vegetarian for almost nine years now, and it’s been an interesting journey. Up until recently, I’ve been more conscious of eating healthily because, believe it or not, you can be a vegetarian and still have lousy eating habits. I eat things that have eggs, but I can’t eat eggs on their own or foods that have eggs as their main ingredient. I drink and eat dairy products, but I don’t drink animal milk itself; instead, I drink almond milk.

7. I love G-d and G-d loves me

I do not ascribe to any religion, although I am a Jew descendant and feel the closest to this faith system. I pray every day and read the psalms occasionally, and G-d is the most important aspect of my life, which is why I love Him and I know He loves me too.

8. I’m a lover of all things makeup and have attended various courses

I decided to take my love for makeup to a more professional level in 2016, after having played with it for three years, watching tutorials on YouTube and going blindly into this world. I have attended workshops for self-makeup,  I took a course on professional makeup, for which I got a certificate, as well as a master class on skin and eyes. I don’t think I’d like to become a full-time professional artist, but I enjoy playing with it and learning new things.

9. I am a proud booknerd

I’m the friend and family member who gets asked for book recommendations, which shouldn’t come off as a surprise, given that I blog about books on Wednesdays. The last thing I do at night and the first thing I do every morning is read. Also, I’m always open to suggestions and recommendations, and my TBR list grows longer by the minute.

10. I have a YouTube channel

Now, this is not self-promo because I actually haven’t used my channel in a while. I tried it for a few weeks, and uploaded some get-ready-with-me kind of videos. I do plan on using it more, and talking in my videos, to sort of use the channel as a complement to this blog, but that might happen in the future. If you have any ideas of videos you’d like to see me uploading, let me know.

11. My favorite color is pink 

Pink is my aesthetic for pretty much everything. That doesn’t apply to clothes or makeup, obviously, but I have my share of pink clothes and makeup as well. I’m drawn to this color, and if given the choice, I’ll pick it.

12. I’m a straightedge

I wrote a post on this a while ago. Basically, I try not to anything that might alter the chemical composition in my brain, if that makes any sense. That means I don’t do drugs (obviously), or drink alcohol, but I also go as far as to not drink coffee because I believe it creates a dependence. I also don’t take any medicine unless it’s been prescribed by a doctor because I believe that the body is able to heal itself in many cases, and taking medicines for small stuff like a headache might cause dependence as well.

13. I’m obsessed with Hello Kitty

Again, it’s like my love towards the color pink. I have a lot of Hello Kitty stuff, and I’m drawn to her. I have a Hello Kitty Pinterest board and I’m always on the lookout for more things from her to own.

14. I love dancing

Dancing is my life, and it used to be my workout of preference given that I was super into Zumba. Nowadays, I kind of have to gather the strength and willpower to get up, get ready and go to class, but once I’m in there, I am the happiest person there is. I’m not the best dancer by any means, but I enjoy it a whole lot.

15. Online shopping is my life

I love shopping in general, but online shopping is my favorite activity. I can browse for hours at home, I don’t need to carry heavy bags, and most of the time, I get items that fit me perfectly without having to try them on before buying them. It’s a plus if the stores actually ship to Colombia.

16. I’m a Scorpio

My birthday is on November 4th, so keep it in your calendar for next year. I believe in astrology and I believe in the influence of planets over our mood. It’d be selfish to think it’s only us who can control how we feel or act. I have a super strong character, and may come off as bad-tempered to some people. I’m very transparent with my feelings and often make decisions on how I feel about someone based on first impressions.

17. My favorite physical feature is my hair

My hair is like my baby. I love playing and experimenting with it, but I also love taking care of it. I’ve had it in a variety of lengths and colors, but it’s always been healthy, which is the most important thing for me.

18. My favorite subjects to teach are Math and Science

I fell in love with teaching Math when I was a private tutor. I love creating resources for Math and finding fun ways to make the different topics understandable and meaningful for my students. I currently teach Science as well as English, and it’s also super fun. I love researching the topics and coming up with creative ways to teach them to my students.

19. Subscription boxes make my life happy

If you’ve been here for a while, you already know I’m obsessed with subscription boxes. Subscription boxes are like online shopping taken to the next level, because you’re literally getting a bunch of surprise stuff, and who doesn’t love surprises? Personally, I think subscription boxes are the best invention ever and I love getting them.

20. I’ve openly used various online dating sites for years

It’s no secret that I’ve been subscribed to online dating services, sometimes more seriously than others. I think it’s a cool way to meet people, or just have some fun, and I’d say don’t ditch it til you try it.

21. I’m a proud Slytherin 

Any questions? I’m also a Targaryen, if you’re into Game of Thrones.

22. I have two dogs, but cats are my true love

Dobby and Nala are my babies. I love them so much, I got them tattooed on my shoulder so that they’re always with me, but I’m a cat person and once I move out, I want to get a cat. I adore cats and their personality, and though I’m allergic to them, I always want to be around them.

23. I’ve never had a boyfriend

This shouldn’t come off as a huge revelation, and if it is, then maybe you should read more of my posts to get to know me better. I would like to be in a relationship, but it’s not a priority in my life, and I enjoy being single. I don’t feel like anything is missing from my life right now, and if the right guy comes along, then great. I love flirting and having crushes, but for many reasons that hasn’t evolved into a relationship yet.

24. I’m 24 years old and living my best life

I always say that if I were to die today, I’d die happily and feeling accomplished. I love my job, I love spending time with my friends and family, I travel as much as I can and I always try to treat myself to nice things. I’m living the best version of my life, the best life I can possibly be living, and I think everyone should.

Those were the 24 facts about me I wanted to share. Feel free to share something about you in the comments below.

Happy Friday!

Love, Miss Camila


Tinder Social Experiment

Tinder Social Experiment

Ebook (1).png Hello and happy Thursday. The year is almost over, and so I want to reflect on a little something I did a few months ago, before I decided to delete Tinder from my phone. Let’s get started, shall we?

First, let me be clear; it’s me we’re talking about, I wasn’t going to do something too crazy or dangerous, especially when it came to strange men. My social experiment consisted of looking at all my matches and texting “hi” to all of them and see what would happen.

I set some rules for myself to ensure that the experiment could go right and become post-worthy, so for example I decided I wasn’t going to unmatch any guy after I’d texted in the first place unless 1) he expressed that for some reason he wasn’t interested in talking to me, and 2) he was rude or offensive. Over the course of the experiment, I didn’t “like” any new guys, just the group I started out with.

This one guy replied right after I texted, and asked me what I was doing. This was a Sunday night, and you know what teachers do on Sunday nights: we sleep. I’d been out with my family watching “It” and the only thing I wanted to do was getting bed and text random guys. I told him I was getting ready for bed, and he said that sucked because he actually wanted to ask me to meet that night. Cool, dude, you clearly didn’t read my bio, where I stated that I’m a book loving, makeup obsessed, tattooed TEACHER.

This other guy replied while I was talking to guy number one, and said something about him looking for a girlfriend to take to Montecarlo, which sounds weird as it is, so I wished him good luck and unmatched him. That’s why I created rule number one; I’d had matches for quite a while so some of them might’ve been far away from me at the moment I texted.

There was this other guy who replied “hi” back over the night, but just that. Like, I know I wasn’t giving him a lot to begin with, but come on, he could have said something else, make it a bit easier to have a conversation.

After a week or so, I unmatched everyone, and then the following month I deleted Tinder, but that had nothing to do with this experiment or the app itself. Have you done your own social experiment? Tell me about it!

Happy Thursday!

Love, Miss Camila

It’s Good Enough

It’s Good Enough

Hello and happy Wednesday. You probably already know that I’m not really into adult books because I’m a child at heart, but every once in a while I’ll read one and share my thoughts on it in here. Today I’m bringing you a review of The Opposite of Maybe by Maddie Dawson. Let’s get started, shall we?

My first thought with this book was that it was sort of predictable, but the truth is that not much happens, so it’s not a big deal.

At first I thought the characters were dull, you know? Like not much was going on in their lives. I think that was the author’s intention, at least at the beginning.

I grew to like this book enough to read it all, but there were things I didn’t like at all, for example, the fact that Rosie, the main character, who gets pregnant at the age of 44 when having unprotected sex with Jonathan, her boyfriend, is always insisting on her baby needing a father. Like, I get it, you’re old, but babies don’t *need* a father to grow healthy and happy.

The story revolves around Rosie’s life after she decides not to move with Jonathan to the other side of the country and realizes she’s pregnant. I like the fact that the plot is not about Rosie’s love life, but it’s about several aspects of her world and the way she sees things now that she’s going to have a baby.

It is all in all a good book, nothing too great or exciting, but entertaining enough. Do you have any recommendations of fun adult books? Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

My Thoughts on “It”

My Thoughts on “It”


Hello and happy Tuesday. I know it’s still the holidays and we should be thinking about happy stuff and sipping hot chocolate and all that, but today I want to talk to you about the new version of the movie It, based on the novel by Stephen King. Let’s get started, shall we?

I love horror films and I enjoy them a lot. They don’t really scare me as much, but rather make me laugh. “It” was definitely entertaining, but it was a long-ass movie. I went to watch it with my family, and at one point my brother, who was sitting next to me, whispered “I want it to be over already,” and I completely agreed with him.

Now, I said it was entertaining, but not in the “I’m super scared, this is awesome” kind of way. In my opinion, this movie wasn’t really scary, and I know some people say it’s nothing like the original movie, which I’ll have to watch in order to make a fair comparison. From what I saw, it was more funny-scary.

A great deal of the movie’s appeal, to me, were the child actors. They were hilarious, and although I’m a teacher and am always making sure that my students use “appropriate language,” it was impossible for me not to love the fact that they cursed all the time.

I’ve always hated clowns, but I’m not afraid of them, which is why I think I didn’t find “It” really scary or disturbing. If you are scared of clowns, then you’ll probably be traumatized. If not, you’ll experience a few scary bits, but other than that don’t expect much.

My sister had a blast analyzing each character’s back story. Let me tell you, those are deep and dark. I haven’t watched the original movie or read the novel, but I felt there was some representation, taking into account that the story was set in a mostly white town in the U.S.

You know I’m a sucker for soundtracks, and the one from this movie was A+. I think it’s what makes me think about probably watching it again sometime in the distant future. Besides that, I’ve added the novel to my wish list, and be sure that I’ll write a post on it when I read it.

Do you like horror films? If so, what is your favorite one and why? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Miss Camila

Online Dating 101

Online Dating 101

Ebook.pngHello, happy Monday and Merry Christmas for those of you who celebrate Christmas. I have a confession to make: I have a crush on someone. And yes, I know that based on the title of this post you might be thinking I met somebody online, but, no, I met this guy in person, the organic way. Because I feel kind of strongly for him already, I’ve decided to delete my dating apps and accounts, which I might regret in the future, but I feel like I don’t need at the moment. So, instead, I want to pass on the knowledge to you and hope it is helpful. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Explore Your Options

You read the words “apps” and “accounts” correctly because I have used several (free) online dating services at the same time. The one I’d been subscribed to the longest was OkCupid, which I think is one of the most “traditional” online dating services there are. You fill out your profile, answer some questions, and then you are shown a series of profiles you might be interested in. Pretty basic, but also pretty straightforward. I also used Tinder, although I should clarify that I was more active on it while I was traveling because I was looking to meet foreigners or guys who were on vacation like I was.

I briefly used two other services, one is called Seeking Arrangement and is basically for people looking for sugar daddies or sugar babies. What can I say? I wanted to explore that possibility for a while. On that same line, I found Miss Travel, which is a travel dating site. I deleted both accounts on these sites after a few weeks of being a member.

The reason I’m telling you about the different sites there are is so you know which is better suited for you or the type of relationship you want. In my opinion, the most complete is OkCupid, but it is for people seeking a somewhat serious relationship, be it online or in person.

2. Be Honest

Be honest about who you are and what you’re looking for. It’s tough to write a profile, I get it, and we tend to enhance some truths at times, make ourselves seem nicer, but at times that doesn’t get the attention we want. I’m open about having a blog, and being a teacher. I’m open about having tattoos and being obsessed with makeup, and in that sense I steer clear from guys who prefer “natural-looking” girls or who think tattoos are ugly.

3. Be Rude if Needed 

Don’t engage in conversations you don’t want to have. If somebody is talking to you and you don’t want them to, or if you simply get bored talking to someone, then delete the conversations. Block out profiles if needed. This is the magic of online dating: you don’t know the person and they don’t know you. I have erased all traces of people in my life simply by hitting the “delete” and “block” buttons. If you’re having doubts about talking to someone, then sweetie, that someone is not the love of your life.

4. Be Bold if Needed 

Okay, suppose you’re looking through profiles and see one you like. First and foremost, read through their profile and make sure it looks legit (I’ll expand on that one later). If you like what you read and like the pictures you see, don’t wait around for them to talk to you because you could be left waiting for a long time. The magic of online dating is the fact that you can be flirty, even if in person you’re an awkward mess.

Take it from me, I was horrible at flirting in person, but as I started talking more and more to guys online, I got confident, and it even helped me handle situations in real life. Flirting can be fun (I actually enjoy flirting a lot nowadays), and it can come off more easily to some people than it does to others, but like everything in life, you can get better with practice. And, what a better way to practice than with people you don’t know and will probably never see in your life? The worst that can happen in that case is not getting a reply whatsoever.

5. Become a Super Spy

Learn to identify catfish (fake profiles). Read through a profile a couple of times. Make sure it sounds legit. Check a person’s profile picture and check that they look the age they say they are. Then look through all of their pictures and be sure that it’s the same person in all of them. They should have more than one picture, and at least one of just themselves. If they only have group pictures, it’s unclear who the person behind the profile is.

I say become a super spy because you have to look for tiny clues that let you know a profile is fake. This might be extreme, and might be more applicable to some online dating sites than others, but my advice would be to think every profile is fake until you’re proven wrong. How can you be proven wrong? If the person you’re talking to suggests or agrees to talk on other platforms, preferably if they agree to Skype or FaceTime (that way you see their face before meeting in person). If they give you their number to talk via Whatsapp, add them and make sure they are the same person in their picture on both profiles. Look at their phone number and check that the area code is from the place they stated they were from. If they pass those tests, you can talk to them.

As a person who talked via Whatsapp (texts, voice notes, and calls) and Skype with a guy for a while, I can tell you doing all these things was a way for me to know that I was indeed talking to a real person, and the reasons why I stopped talking to him had nothing to do with our communication.

Here they are, my five pieces of advice when going into the world of online dating. I had fun, and am open to give it a try again in the future. If there’s some more advice you’d like to share, feel free to do so in the comments!

Happy Monday!

Love, Miss Camila

My Concealers

My Concealers

Hello and happy Sunday. I feel like I haven’t posted a haul or a review on makeup products that I use on a regular basis in a long while, so recently, while I was doing some cleaning up I noticed how many different concealers I had, and decided it would be a fun idea to share with you my thoughts on them. Let’s get started, shall we?


The first ones I want to show you were actually in my empties bin, so I’m not currently using them. I’ll let you know whether I plan on buying them again or not.


Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Concealer + Corrector 

I didn’t think I’d love this concealer as much as I did, but towards the end I literally had to scoop up whatever was still in the tube because I felt like my everyday makeup wasn’t complete without it. I like concealers that have the sort of texture that is liquid enough to easily blend, but also thick enough to do the job of concealing the dark circles under my


eyes and any redness on my face. It has a doe foot applicator, which I like, although I know some people don’t find it the most hygienic. I can get this concealer at the drugstore, so I’ll definitely buy it again soon.

Trestique Mini Concealer Crayon in Porcelain 

I got this in one of my Ipsy glam bags, and I instantly fell in love with it. If you want a full coverage concealer, then get a stick, or a crayon, or a pot concealer because these have the thickest texture. Now, because of the texture, this is not as easy to blend in, but if I’m being completely honest, I really didn’t any blending when using the concealer crayon, I just applied it and then worked everything into my skin once I put foundation on. The downside is, it broke and I couldn’t use it anymore. This has happened to me with other c


rayon products and I don’t even try to fix them, I just throw them away. Maybe the full-size version is a little sturdier. I would like to keep trying stick concealers in the future, whether they are Trestique or another brand.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer 

This is one of those products that have sort of a screw at the bottom you have to turn in order to get the stuff coming from the tip. I’m not a fan of those products at all, so I had a little trouble working with this concealer. That being said, it has a nice, almost powdery texture, and it works wonders highlighting the under-eye area. I prefer other concealers to this one, but if it were super discounted or (for some crazy reason) the only product available, then I’d buy it again.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circles Treatment Concealer

I bought this because everyone on YouTube was talking about it and I’m that kind of person, okay? It has a screw-system, so the first applications were a little dreadful, I was very annoyed and asked myself a couple hundred times of the reason why I thought it was a good idea to get that concealer in the first place. After a few times of trying, I finally discovered the successful way to apply it and I fell in love. Seriously. This is my ride-or-die concealer, and if I were to spend the rest of my life wearing only one product, I’d choose this hands down. It is especially great covering dark circles and making me look like a functioning human being. I need to buy a new one, but like the Better Skin concealer, I can find it at the drugstore or the supermarket, so I’ll get it soon.

Now for the products I’m currently using.

NYX Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer

This thing is like magic in a pot. It is super thick, but it does justice to its name. I mean, with this you’ll get to easily cover up just about any darkness or redness in your face. I use this under my eyes and as a regular concealer when I’m wearing a ton of makeup, like on special occasions, but I usually put it on my eyelids as eye primer.

Hey Honey Trick and Treat Cream Concealer 

I got this in an Ipsy glam bag and I’m absolutely in love. I thought the packaging would be inconvenient for me, but so far it hasn’t been, I just put some on my hand and then apply it to my under eyes or redness using a sponge or a brush. It is more liquid than other concealers I’ve tried, but at the same time, it’s more full coverage, so I’m keeping it for special occasions, and not just for everyday use.

Aurora x Ipsy Pro Cover-Up Concealer 

I don’t like ranting about makeup or beauty products because I genuinely want to like everything I buy or get. I think that’s why I left this concealer for last; it’s the only fail out of all the products I’ve hauled and reviewed in this post, but I need to share my thoughts on it. I talked about this concealer when I did my August glam bag unboxing and I was kind of harsh then, but now I’m going to be brutal. This concealer is horrible because it literally does nothing. When you apply it, you see this nice, pigmented shade with a promising texture, and then you go to blend it and it’s chaos. I’m not kidding, this dries down in the weirdest way, and then if you try to blend it with a sponge or a brush, it’ll crack and you’ll be able to see the strokes as well as basically every skin cell in your face. I seriously need to buy a new concealer for everyday looks.

Do you use concealer? Which is your favorite one and why? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

Working on the Three Little Pigs

Working on the Three Little Pigs

Hello and happy Saturday. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably already planning your lessons for after the break, and looking for cool ideas of things you can do in your classroom. Personally, I’m a sucker for themes, so I like to pick one and work around it for some time, whether it’s a week or a month or something in between. Recently with my Kinder babes we worked on The Three Little Pigs, and I want to share what we did with you. Let’s get started, shall we?

We started out with a math activity, so I played the song Ten Little Piggies and we practiced counting from one to ten and then backwards. I then told my boys to draw ten pigs (I gave them each a sheet of pink paper), and they glued them to a large piece of paper, so we had all of our piggies in the same poster.

I told my students the story of the Three Little Pigs, and using the pictures, we arranged


the events of the story in chronological order. I took the images from this blog. I did it as a retelling activity, so I showed my boys each picture, asked them what was going on and then had them tell me where they’d locate it. We came up with this poster.

I placed both posters on our English board, as well as these images of the pigs, and the material each used to build their house. That way we practiced vocabulary. I don’t know where I got the images from, but you can get a finger puppet worksheet at Education.com.






I also added a section with the three pigs and the wolf, and this would come in handy later on, you’ll see why.











On another class, we worked on characters, so I made teams of four, and each student had to decorate either a pig or the wolf. Then, each group made a mini poster with their characters. You can get those finger puppets here.




The class when we did the Hidden Object activity was probably my boys’ favorite. I gave each this worksheet by Tim van de Vall, and I also displayed it on the smart TV. I had one of those hand pointers, so I encouraged the boys to use it to indicate where each object was. They then looked in their own page and circled each object.




If you know me, you know I’m a lover of centers, so of course they were part of our unit.

I teamed up my boys, and gave each team one type of material for them to “build” a house. Team one had cards.





Team two had sticks.










And team 3 had building blocks.

Each team had ten minutes to try and build their house before they had to switch.

That was it for the Three Little Pigs, at least for now. What are other activities on this topic that could work with K? Let me know in the comments!

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila













GoT Season 1

GoT Season 1


Hello and happy Friday. I finally joined the Game of Thrones party (yay!), and I wanted to share my thoughts of season 1 with you. Now, these thoughts are very general, so I think they apply to other seasons as well, which is why I’m not going to write follow-up posts about the seasons to come. Let’s get started, shall we?

I remember that a few years ago I tried to start watching this show on a plane and couldn’t. After the first five minutes, I was totally done with it. Yes, it’s a shocking way to start a series, to say the least, but it’s also very mysterious and kind of slow-paced. I get that, given that first impression some people will not want to keep watching, but give it a shot and you won’t regret it, trust me.

Now, sometimes when I watch shows I’m doing something else, like coloring or getting stuff ready for school, but I can’t do that with Game of Thrones. I mean, you have to be 100% focused on what’s going on, at least during the first few episodes so that you know who’s who.

I believe that whoever starts watching Game of Thrones knows that this show is super graphic, but in case you live under a rock, let me tell you: GoT is absolutely explicit in terms of sex and violence. I still have to close my eyes at times, especially when animals or young children get hurt, but I’m getting used to how graphic the show is. If you don’t like stuff like that, then don’t watch because you’re not going to enjoy the show at all.

So yes, I know that this sounded like a major warning instead of an invitation to watch the show, but if you decide you want to give it a try and don’t care about the complex family trees, violence or sex scenes, then you’re going to love the show. And I mean, how can you not? I love Daenerys, I think Arya is a badass, and I totally get why people love Jon Snow.

The books written by George R.R. Martin are in my wishlist, but for now I’ll stick to watching the whole show. If you are watching it or have watched it, please let me know what you think about it (no spoilers, please!).

Happy Friday!

Love, Miss Camila