Nine Days of Taylor Swift

Nine Days of Taylor Swift

Hello and happy Sunday. I’ve been working on this post for over a month now, but finally everything is ready, and I can share it with you. Here’s the deal: after watching the video of Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift, I decided I’d make a list of all the looks I saw and try and recreate them. That’s exactly what I did, and in doing so, I realized that these looks are perfect for a person who is getting started with makeup. Basically, if you can pull off these makeup looks, you’re good to go on virtually any occasion. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. The foolproof weekend look

The look 

This is the second look we see Taylor sporting in her video, when she’s in the throne all surrounded by snakes. When I say this look is the foolproof weekend look, I mean it’s casual enough for you to go shopping on a Saturday morning, but it also works if you’re going to have lunch with friends. In my opinion, it’s the perfect day-to-night look.

How to accomplish it 

Eyes: soft brown-to-golden smokey.

Lips: matte red.

Face: Contour and bronzer are a must. Also, use a coppery blush, preferably matte.

2. The classic night look 

The look

Forget what you’ve heard about not wearing heavy eye makeup with bold lipstick, or at least do so while trying this look. This is the first makeup look we’re able to see in detail, when Taylor is in the bathtub. It’s heavy and it’s intended to make a statement, which is why I think it’s perfect for a night out.

How to accomplish it

Eyes: Gray and black smokey, both on the lid and lower lash line. Yes, it’ll look bad before it looks good.

Lips: bright red.

Face: Contour, red blush, and a ton of highlight.




3. The soft-core bubblegum lips

The look 

This is my kind of everyday look for work. It seems like you put a ton of effort on it, but really, you didn’t. It is what I wear when I have a cold but (obviously) don’t want to look sick. It’s what Taylor’s wearing in the car crash scene, but her eyes are covered by sunglasses, so the main focus are the lips.

How to accomplish it

Eyes: Soft gold smokey.

Lips: Hot pink with a lighter shade in the center.

Face: Soft contour, and pink blush.

4. Vampy Chic

The look

This is the Taylor-in-the-swing look on steroids. When I go vamp I go full-on vamp, and that means dark bold lips. If you’re allowed to wear this at work, go for it. I can’t, so I wear it during the weekend. It’s perfect for fall, or even fall-to-winter looks.

How to accomplish it 

Eyes: brown smokey.

Lips: dark berry.

Face: contour, bronzer, golden blush.






5.No-Makeup Makeup Look 

The look

Whether you’re all for the natural looks, or you’re like me and you like people to know just how much makeup you’re wearing, you need this look in your life. The no-makeup or natural makeup look will come in handy when you have ten minutes or less to get ready but still want to put a little something on your face. Taylor sports this look when she’s getting on top of a bike, police-style.

How to accomplish it: 

Eyes: prime and then seal with a nude eyeshadow. Tightline with black pencil eyeliner.

Lips: I’m wearing a nude lipgloss with a hint of pink.

Face: powder, soft contour, bronzer, and a matte blush.


6. The hardcore bubblegum lips

The look

This is a look you can wear to work, but it’s still edgy. It’s like the soft-core bubblegum lips’ older sister. Everything about this look is sharp and intended to make a statement, but still in a classy way that is appropriate for work. This is Taylor’s look when she’s wearing a hoodie and has a golden bat, and looks like she just stole a bank.

How to accomplish it

Eyes: a wash of ashy, gray-based brown. Reverse smokey eyes, and a thick black eyeshadow top lash line.

Lips: bold, purple-based pink lipstick.

Face: contour, soft bronzer, pink blush.



7.The always classy 

The look

Gold and red is a foolproof combination, and it’s effortlessly classy. Taylor is wearing it when she’s on top of the pile of past Taylors (that sounds weird, but it makes sense if you watch the video). Personally, this is one of my go-to looks for special occasions at work because I don’t really have much time to do something super elaborate but I need to look better than usual.

How to accomplish it

Eyes: gold and brown halo eye.

Lips: brown-based red.

Face: contour, bronzer, bronzed blush, highlighter.


8. The nude on steroids

The look

This is the look Taylor wears when she enters this room and is followed by wearing mesh and boots. All in all, it’s not super harsh, but it has pops of color, like the eyebrows, the blue under the eyes, and the brown lips. You can make changes to this look if you think it’s too much for you.

How to accomplish it

Eyes: A wash of gray-based brown. Reverse blue smokey eye.

Lips: brown liquid eyeliner topped with brown lipgloss.

Face: Contour, matte blush.






9.The Dominatrix

The look 

In the same we need a natural look “just in case”, we all need a super sexy, vampy, goth look just in case. I wore this for work one day when I didn’t have any classes, but it works for weekends and nights out just as well. Taylor wears this look when she’s talking to her subjects. She’s wearing black and red, which are the colors I’d go for when dressing up for this look.

How to accomplish it

Eyes: gray-based brown cut crease and reverse smokey eye.

Lips: dark red tint and matte red liquid lipstick on top.

Face: soft contour, red blush, highlighter.

Those are the nine looks I re-created and explained here for you. If there’s any other look you want me to try and make a post on, let me know in the comments, and I’ll be happy to help.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila








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