Our “Pete the Cat Day”

Our “Pete the Cat Day”

Hello and happy Saturday. Let me tell you about the time, not too long ago, when I planned a whole week of classes around a set of Pete the Cat books.

I’m usually super organized when lesson planning. I actually made a yearly plan so that I only have to read it and based on it plan each week. I’m a teacher, however, and that means that every once in a while I’ll get an idea that has me pausing all my previous planning and working on something entirely different. That’s completely understandable, no?

So when my dad sent me a message saying that while grocery shopping he’d seen a set of six Pete the Cat books for about twelve bucks, I decided the following week would be “Pete the Cat week” with my kinder boys. Now I’m not that crazy, and I actually have to work on some specific topics with my students that are not related to the James Dean books, so I decided that I’d indeed work on the books, but not spend entire lessons on them.

I ended up bargaining with my crazy-teacher self and finally agreed that, given that we had six books, I could read one each day as an opener to our class. Monday, our sixth day, was “Pete the Cat Day.”

After reading the last of the books, we did a directed drawing exercise. I thought I’d taken pictures of our crafts, but didn’t, sorry. The boys drew and colored Pete using crayons and markers, following the directions from the video by Art for Kids Hub, which is a channel we love.

I have twelve kids in my Kinder class, which is perfect because that means I could pair them up and give each team a book.

I placed a book on each table (which are shared), and then made a list of the books.



My boys can’t read in English yet, so my purpose in giving them the books was for them to look at the pictures and try to retell the story either by what they saw or what they remembered.

They had around four minutes to read each book, before I announced they had to go to another table.

It was a fun experience, and I think they enjoyed it as much as I did!

If you have any other idea for next year’s “Pete the Cat Day,” or maybe another theme I can use in my classes, please let me know in the comments.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

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