Hello and happy Wednesday. As much as I like fluffy books, I’m a sucker for books that make me get in touch with my feelings, and not just the happy, bubbly ones. I think that’s a reason why I love Colleen Hoover so much, because her books have that effect on me.

For some reason, all of Colleen Hoover’s books I’ve come across with have been audiobooks, although there are some on my TBR list I am going to read, not listen to. Finding Cinderella is book number 2.5 in the Hopeless series, which I started listening to last year. I have yet to read book number 2, though. There are some series that you *have* to read in order so that you can understand the plot; Finding Cinderella, however, can easily be read as a standalone book, or without having read book number 2, and you’ll still understand everything.

Personally, I love Colleen Hoover’s writing style, although I wouldn’t be able to read (or listen to) more than one book every once in a while. That is, I need to take a mental break after I finish one of her books. Her awesome style was amazingly complemented by the narration of Jason Carpenter. Like, honestly, he made me feel like I was really listening to a high school guy.

One thing I always appreciate about this author’s books, and that is present in Finding Cinderella, is the fact that it’s very realistic regarding the way teenagers behave. I’ve stated in previous posts that I don’t like how some realities of a teenager’s life are portrayed, and I stand by it, which is why I admire an author that can capture some issues without seeming to encourage their readers to follow a certain behavior. In Finding Cinderella specifically, sex is a constant topic, but it’s treated in a very real and objective way.

Because this is a companion novel to the Hopeless series, the main characters from the previous books are present, although taking a secondary role. I love when authors do that, when they take a story’s secondary characters and give them their own story, and I think it enriches the whole universe the author has created. It was nice to see what Sky and Holder were up to, but again, not having read the second book didn’t affect my understanding of Finding Cinderella in any way nor did it spoil any details for me.

The characters from this story are Six, Sky’s best friend, who I knew from Hopeless, and Daniel, who’s Holder’s best friend. The story is told from Daniel’s perspective, and he’s just so analytical all the time and such a refreshing character. Besides that, the story is really intense, but in a good way, like you want to hear what happens next as opposed to being overwhelmed by all that’s happening.

The plot itself is filled with stuff that I’d roll my eyes about if this were any other author writing about it, but that work perfectly thanks to Colleen Hoover’s genius mind. There’s a bit of secret romance, that makes the story very addictive, and it just flows in a way that constantly keeps the reader hooked. Finding Cinderella is, at least from what I could get, the resolution to the whole Hopeless series, although, honestly, I’d love to have a follow-up novel and see what happens to Sky, Holder, Daniel, and Six in university.

Have you read or listened to anything by Colleen Hoover? What did you think?

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

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