Okay, I’m Interested

Okay, I’m Interested

Hello and happy Wednesday. I recently read Where We Were by Kellie Sheridan, which is the prequel to Four of a Kind. I got to read and review an ARC provided to me by NetGalley, and here’s what I thought about it. 

This book was super short because it is a prequel, not an actual full-on novel, so my review will be short as well. It is definitely a story you can get into super quickly, and that’s because the four main characters are all introduced in the first few pages, so the reader gets the feeling that they know the characters right from the start.

One problem I had with this story, and that we all know is an issue I have with many stories written nowadays is the portrayal of teenage drinking. I know that is a reality, but I think authors writing about it in such a casual way makes readers believe underage drinking is okay, which is not, it’s illegal, at least in the U.S where this story takes place. Besides, these characters are not seventeen or eighteen; they’re fourteen, which makes the drinking part all the more upsetting to me.

Yes, I was upset by this, but in general  I really enjoy this read, and it left me wanting to read the real deal, you know? I think the author did an amazing job with each of the characters because they’re all different, but it doesn’t seem forced. They’re just four sisters who have their own personalities, their group of friends, and their own interests. Also, bonus points for Rilley being into girls.

If you want a super quick, nice read, you should definitely pick up Where We Were, especially if you’re interested in reading Four of a Kind or have already read it. Thanks again to NetGalley and Kellie Sheridan for this ARC.

Now you tell me, what is a prequel that you’ve really enjoyed and would totally recommend and why?

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

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