Laser Hair Removal Session 2: Legs

Laser Hair Removal Session 2: Legs



Hello and happy Sunday. I owed you an update on my laser hair removal treatment, but the truth is I was waiting to get my bikini done too, so that I could update you on both legs and bikini, but decided I wasn’t going to do my bikini this session. Yep, I started from the end, so let me explain to you through this post why I came to this conclusion.

I got different appointments for legs and bikini, so I first went to get my legs done, expecting they wouldn’t hurt, just like the previous time. Before the laser treatment started, the lady covered my tattoos. I was already wearing the protective goggles so I couldn’t see what she was doing or how she was doing it, but I trusted she was qualified to properly cover my tattoos.

The laser session began, and I felt the warmth I always felt, no pain whatsoever. That was until I felt a sting, like a real sting near one of my tattoos, which literally made me jolt. I thought “okay, maybe she got too close to the tattoo,” but the pain went away immediately, so I didn’t care much. Then I felt another sting. This one wasn’t as sharp, but it was right on top of a tattoo, and the pain remained throughout the session.

When I went to look at my ankle at the end, the lady had a concerned expression on her face, so I knew she was aware of the fact that she’d burned me. I had a little blister, you know, like the ones you get when you get a burn, and the lady applied some cream and that was that. As I walked home, I felt my tattoo kind of pulsating, announcing an infection.

It wasn’t that bad at first, but with the days, the first letter of my tattoo was looking pretty bad. It was inflamed and it looked a bit infected. I cleaned it every day with alcohol and then put scar cream on, and it looks better, although it’ll never look like it did before, and I’m even planning to cover it up with another design.

That’s not why I’m not going to get my bikini done, though because I actually went to the appointment the following week. I walked from my Pilates studio after class to the place where I get my laser, only to pull my panties down and being told by another of the laser ladies that she couldn’t do the procedure on me because my skin looked irritated. Man, I was the irritated one.

With that, at least for this couple of months I’m going to stay away from laser and hope that my next session is better. Have you gotten burned in a beauty procedure? How did you treat it?

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

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