A Great Summer Read

A Great Summer Read

100th.pngHello and happy Wednesday. I know summer is basically over in the places that have summer, and I want to share with you the perfect read for those last days, for that last weekend at home, to enjoy what’s left of vacation.

I want to thank NetGalley and Miranda Kenneally, who is the author of Coming Up For Air, this amazing book that made me want to jump into a pool and never leave. This is the story of Maggie King, who is a senior in high school and a professional swimmer. I honestly love the fact that Maggie and her friends are all athletes, actual professional athletes who’ve spent half their lives training.

Now, when Levi, Maggie’s best friend, was introduced to the story, I knew exactly what was going to happen, you know? Maybe it’s because I basically devour contemporary YA novels, but the plot was predictable, which is why I didn’t give this book five stars. I was curious, however, to know how things went down. I think that’s one of the reasons why it took me a week or less to read this book, and I’m sure it could totally take you a day of binge reading to finish it.

Maggie as a character reminded me of Lara Jean Song because she’s immature and inexperienced, and I think that makes a character relatable. I don’t know if I’m saying this because I could relate to her in some ways, but I’m sure I’m not going to be the only one. I also love the fact that Maggie talks about touching herself and it’s not seen as a taboo, but like a normal, healthy practice, you know? It’s probably the first non-mommy porn book I read that talks about female masturbation in such an open way.

Let’s keep talking about sex-related things, shall we? Because, man, the description of Maggie’s first almost-sexual experience with that college guy was A+. I mean, the author described the awkward bits in a way that I think will be relatable to many girls as well.

Even though the Maggie and Levi thing was super predictable, I loved how their relationship unfolded in a very original and interesting way. Something that bothered me, though, about their relationship was the fact that Levi was allowed to hook up with other girls but he didn’t want Maggie to do the same with random guys. It bothered me, until I encountered a part in the book in which this is discussed and the characters talk about how this is totally a double standard, so yay for books that encourage women to be critical of the heteropatriarchy.

I think this book is also a feminist read in the sense that Maggie is exploring her sexuality, and she’s enjoying herself and talking about it, and the sexy bits are super sexy, but the book is not mommy porn. I mean, it explores sexuality as a normal thing without exaggerating it just to make the book a bestseller, you know?

Finally, let me talk a bit about Levi. I swear I’ll talk more in depth about him in another post, but I just have to say I LOVE the fact that Levi is a total bookworm and that whenever he’s not swimming or hooking up with Maggie he’s reading a book. Yay for breaking dumb high school stereotypes of jocks not liking books!

If you read this book, let me know what you think.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

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