Why You Need a Teacher BFF

Why You Need a Teacher BFF

My Teaching Resolution.pngHello and happy Saturday. Yes, I know today is teaching post day, but oddly enough, this post is intended for non-teacher. Hi, non-teacher friends, today I want to share with you the reasons why you need a teacher BFF. Let’s get started, shall we?


1. They’re super observational

As teachers, we need to keep our eyes open 24/7 and be aware of any changes our students show, whether it’s in attitude, behavior or their habits. That doesn’t just apply to our students though, so if you have a teacher BFF they’ll know whether you feel sad, upset, excited, or anything in between, and they’ll know it without you saying anything. They’ll also notice your new haircut and fancy clothes, and will genuinely compliment you for them. They’ll probably show more excitement than you.

2. They’ll help you when you decide to get crafty

Your sweethearts birthday is in two weeks and you decided them it would be cool to make them a scrapbook…from scratch? Call your teacher BFF, they’ll either go over to your place with all of their supplies packed in a suitcase, or tell you to go to their place and help you out. Not only will they help you with actual manual work, but they’ll provide you with all sorts of supplies. Oh, yeah, a teacher’s place is like Office Depot. Keep that in mind when you ask your teacher BFF for “something to write with.”

3. They’re great gift-givers

This works for you in two ways, and let me explain why. Your teacher knows exactly what gift to give everybody, so they’re the perfect person to call when you need advice. Again, they’re observational, they know your mom likes fruity perfumes and lip gloss and doesn’t like almonds. But that also works for you because your teacher BFF will give you the nicest presents, and not just on holidays or special occasions.

I actually got the idea of writing this post when I was picking up a mug I had customized for my best friend as a “congratulations” gift because she came in second place at this huge international law contest (don’t ask, that’s all I know from it). I have noticed that teachers love to give presents, and they love it even more of they can make them, or personalize them in a way.

Teachers are also super clever when it comes to thinking of a theme for a present, so for a colleague’s baby shower I put together a bath set with shampoo, lotion, a comb, a chocolate for the older brother, and another one for the mom, at it was all in yellow and orange tones, even the card. Teachers also love puns, and that’s always a plus.

These are obviously just a few reasons why you need a teacher BFF. If you know another one, tell me about it in the comments!

Happy teaching (or uhm, happy Saturday?)

Love, Miss Camila