Prepping for Letter Work

Prepping for Letter Work

Hello and happy Saturday. I think I’ve told you before that I work with the Splash Into Pre-K books, and if you’re familiar with it, you know that as part of the daily activities there’s “letter work.” Now, what I did last year with my Pre-K students is work on the alphabet and have them construct words with the foam letters that are included in the resources Splash provides. There are two problems with these letters, in my opinion: 1) there are too few of them, considering I had eleven students per classroom; and 2) these letters have magnets on the back, so the boys have to be super careful when they handle them, and we all know that’s not the point of working with manipulatives.

The bags of letters were given to me by one of my teacher friends and I took them gladly, already planning all the things I could get to do with my boys this school year, having a ton of foam letters with no magnets on them. They were super dirty, after having been stored for over a year inside a closet, so as soon as I got home that day, I went on a cleaning mission.

I put them in a bowl full of water and dish soap, and immediately the water turned gray. After soaking them, and individually cleaning each letter and making sure the dust was gone and nothing else was coming out of them, I put them to dry.








These are the clean letters, which I put to dry outside. They look way less opaque, almost brand new and ready to be used by my preschool babes.

I’ll write a post on letter work so that you can see these babes in action, but in the meantime, tell me whether you have foam letters like these and what you do with them in your classroom.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila


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