I Tried Pilates

I Tried Pilates

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Hello and happy Sunday. I have a sad confession to make, but it’s something that’s been bugging me for a while now: I’m kind of fed up with Zumba. I started with it in July of 2014 but lately I have zero motivation to go to my classes. This year some of my resolutions are fitness and well-being related, like going to a nutritionist, which I’ve told you about in two of my posts [x] [x], and my resolution for June was actually trying Pilates, so here’s my experience with it.

I first went to the place I’d heard and done some research about and there I was told I had the possibility of scheduling a free class so that I could see what Pilates was all about and make a more informed decision on whether to buy classes and how many. That’s an important tip I think you should keep in mind because I know there are different gyms and centers that provide a free class, but people aren’t often aware of this.

During that first class we did some stretching exercises that required a lot of body control, and then we did some cardio by “jumping” (we were lying down in the Reformer so it wasn’t actually a jump), and I felt amazing. I didn’t sweat uncontrollably like I do in Zumba, but man, when I got up from the Reformer, I noticed where all my sweat had gone.

Something I liked was that I didn’t end up exhausted, but I felt rather energized. I thought “okay, this’ll be easier than I thought,” and so I bought twelve sessions so I could work out during my vacation and combine Zumba and Pilates. The following day, though, I felt all the exercise I’d done the previous day. My upper back and shoulders hurt, as well as my abdomen, but in a nice way, like I’d  actually activated parts of my body I rarely use, and this was great because it’s precisely those areas (specifically the abdomen), the ones that I need to work the most on.

Once you buy the classes in this studio I go to, you schedule your introductory session. This is the first class in the package you buy, but it’s more of a diagnostic session rather than an actual class with exercise if that makes sense. I had to fill out this application with my medical record, age, and other personal information that was then evaluated by one of the physical therapists working at the studio. I got weighed and was glad to see the number in the scale. Then I got a ton of pictures taken and after that the physical therapist explained to me the issues I have with my posture and she gave me tips on how to improve it in my daily life.

The plan that the physical therapist worked out for me is basically focused on strengthening my core, which is absolutely amazing and what I would’ve asked for anyway. My perception towards Pilates has changed in a positive way, and I feel that it’s more complete than I thought before trying it, like it can actually help me with toning, which is my goal at the moment. I wouldn’t try it on an ongoing basis because the classes are expensive, and because I want to continue with Zumba, but maybe in the future I can find a place that has different classes and I can combine them, who knows?

Have you tried Pilates or would you like to? What are your thoughts on it?

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila