My Teacher Planner

My Teacher Planner

Hello and happy Saturday. Planning is a very important part of my job as a teacher, one that is sometimes boring, which is why I try to get work done ahead of time so I don’t have to worry about it later.  Last year I had a huge notebook as my teacher planner, but I found it to be impractical, so this year I decided to go use a binder. In today’s post I’ll share with you what’s inside of my planner. Let’s get started, shall we?

The first page you see there is actually my yearly planning for Pre-K. I have one for each grade I teach. What I did was take all the information I’d gathered throughout the previous year of school and then I arranged it in a chart. Basically what I have now is a list of every topic I worked on with each of my classes and the different activities we did. This will help me have a clear idea of how to plan my classes this year, given that in my school we make lesson plans every two weeks. I have this printed version I can highlight and add post it notes and scratch or whatever I need to do, and a digital version, which I’ll edit based on the changes I make throughout the year.

Now, I have to upload my lesson plans once every two weeks. The lesson plans are really simple and it takes no time to do them. They’re digital, however, and the format is not very friendly for a teacher who’s on the run most of the day, so what I’m using this year are the weekly planning templates from Playdough to Plato. The whole pack of planners, checklists, templates, and other planner essentials is completely free, and so are the other forms I’ll show you in this post.

I love this weekly planner because it’s super spacious and in the following page you have a section where you can take notes or add reminders so that you take them into account the following week.

I have not one but two grade books, one from Teacher Created Resources, and the other one, a total cutie my best friend gave me. The thing is, having a notebook or a binder and a grade book is the opposite of practical, really, so I decided to take them back home this year and use them some other time, maybe when I get my own classroom and don’t have to be running around everywhere.

This checklist template is from A Modern Teacher, and I love it because I get enough space to write the activity type I’m grading without everything looking crammed. The date section is also helpful because that way I can keep track of students who were absent that day or didn’t hand in a homework on time.

Speaking of missing homework, I’m going to start using the I Didn’t Do My Homework log I found on Pinterest. I’m going to use it with my older kids because I feel that way they can become more responsible for their own work. Last year I had a bit of trouble with grades because some students didn’t hand in their work, so now whenever I have a blank space in my checklist, I’ll approach the student, and if they don’t have the homework, I’ll write their name in the log. This way I can know who owes me stuff.

Once the classes start, I’m sure I’ll be adding more pages to this planner and I’ll keep you updated. I will, for example, add a monthly planner at the beginning so that I have important school-related dates in mind.

What are you using for a planner this year? Let me know!

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila



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