My TPT Store

My TPT Store

TpT Cover Design (5).jpg

Hello and happy Saturday. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but when you go to this blog’s home page, there’s a pink menu and a link that says TPT. TPT stands for Teachers Pay Teachers, a site I absolutely love because it is a marketplace for any sort of teaching resource you can ever think of, from single worksheets to whole bundles with the yearly planning of a specific subject.

I love TPT because there are always freebies and because through TPT I’ve discovered amazing teachers. I’m also a seller on TPT, which means that I upload my resources to my store, for other people to buy and download. I started my store because I thought it was the best way to share materials I’d developed with other teachers, you know? To have everything in one place.

Probably my most successful resource is the book study for The Girl Who Survived, a book written by Bronia Brandman and Carol Bierman. When I uploaded it, my store had all sorts of random products I’d created. I really didn’t have a “brand,” I just put stuff in my store for fun. With time, however, I’ve made some changes and I’m planning to make even bigger ones, which is why I’m writing this post.

The first thing I did way remove all the products that hadn’t been successful or that I wasn’t too proud of. I always upload resources that I have used or would use in my classes, but there’s some stuff that I could just keep in my personal files. If you go to my store now you’ll see I have song workshops, book and movie studies, and just a few “random” products like a worksheet on capitalization, my dictionary of long vowels, and a daily assessment form. I know that I should remove those products, and I will one day, but I need to have added other products before.

Another change I made was putting covers to all of my products. They are not unified, but at least they’re all pink and have my store’s name. By the way, my store is called The Cool Teacher Diaries because that was the name of my previous blog, and it’s also my Instagram username. I’m thinking about changing the color of the covers, but I’ll probably do it next year, so each year is a different color.

Now when I say that I’m making some big changes in my store, I mean that I want to focus my products on song, movie or book studies. I’ve found that I enjoy creating resources like this, and that other teachers appreciate them as well. I create this resources based on what I like, but I’d like to have more solid criteria for my creation process.

Here’s where you, my friends, come in. In the comments, let me know if you have a TPT store so that I can look you up, and also tell me if there’s a book, a movie or a song you would like me to create a product about.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

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