Meet the Blogger

Meet the Blogger

Hello and happy Monday. I feel like I’ve talked about a ton of stuff in this blog and yet we haven’t formally met, so I got this list of questions from nativepeach on Tumblr and I plan to answer them right now. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Favorite color


2. Favorite book

Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer

3. Top three favorite movies

An Education

He’s Just Not That Into You


4. Favorite flower


5. Future plans

Moving to the States!

6. Religion

G-D is the greatest and most important thing in my life, but I don’t ascribe to any religion

7. Number of siblings


8. Cat person or dog person

Dog-owning cat person

9. Tea or coffee


10. Favorite food


11. Favorite season


12. Sexuality


13. Top thee hobbies

Makeup, reading, zumba

14. Favorite fandoms

Harry Potter!

15. Current profession


16. Place you most want to travel

I want to go to Arizona. It seems like a cool place.

17. Pepsi or coke


18. How many pets and what are they

2. One dog, one domestic elf

19. Favorite scent

Chocolate or fresh baked cookies

20. What style do you dress in

If it fits…

Okay, there you go. Now it’s your turn. Answer one (or all) of the questions in the comments. I want to get to know you too!

Happy Monday and happy last day of Summertime Madness. Now this week I’ll go back to regular blogging and I’ll see you again every day of the month in December.

Love, Miss Camila