School Year in Review

School Year in Review

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Hello and happy Saturday. Even though I got a full month of vacation, of which I’m enjoying my last couple of weeks, I’m already thinking about this school year that’s about to start, and I’m thinking about it in relation to everything I did last year. There were things that worked and that I’m going to keep doing, there were things that could’ve worked better with some adjustment, and there are things that definitely didn’t work and I’m not going to try again. Today I’m bringing you my year in review. Let’s get started!

One thing that definitely didn’t work for me was taking my kids outside and have class out there. I’m still working on my classroom management skills, and I was just beginning to work with preschool students when I first took them outside, so maybe if I do it again this year it’ll be better, but I don’t want to take another chance just yet. My kids are well-behaved, but one time when we went outside a boy started running, fell down and scraped his knee. This other time a boy started crying for no reason, and then in another class the boys were just uncontrollable. There are teachers who enjoy having class outside, but it’s personally a stressful situation for me, so unless it’s absolutely necessary, we won’t be doing class outside this year.

I started using sticker charts with my older boys and at first it was very useful and exciting. Some boys even got a diploma at the end of the first semester. The thing is, it was hard for me to maintain the whole sticker-chart system (I had 35 first-graders), and during the second half of the year I just stopped using the charts. The boys sort of stopped caring about them, and so it was something that worked, but that needs improvement. This year I’m going to have them glue their sticker charts to their notebooks (or their desks) as opposed to their folders, so that they’re in a more accessible place both for them and myself. I will have a more established reward system based on the amount of stickers they have, and see if it works for me and for the kids.

Something that definitely, 100% worked was Go Noodle. I used Go Noodle at the end of classes, and we even did full dance parties using this site. I sent an invite to parents and many used Go Noodle at home. My boys are all ELLs (English Language Learners), so being in contact with songs and games in English while they dance and move their body is very helpful, not only to their language learning process, but also to their development in general. I do want to add a bit more of structure to Go Noodle, in the way that I want to integrate its content to my classes in a more systematic, less random way.

Looking back, what is something that worked and something that didn’t this school year?

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila