Netflix Talk: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

NETFLIX TALK- (3).pngHello and happy Tuesday. Here are two facts about me you probably didn’t know: 1. I love documentaries, and 2. I’m super into house and electronic music. You didn’t see that coming, did you? For those two reasons I decided to watch I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, a documentary about Steve Aoki, who’s one of the best DJs in the world.


To each their own; what I think was the good part of this documentary might have been the bad for someone else, but I really adored the mood of I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead. It’s obviously charged with Steve Aoki’s music, which isn’t particularly what you’d pick for an afternoon of relaxation. If you’re into this sort of music, this documentary will get you pumped, and it made me look for Steve Aoki’s tour dates and promise myself that I’ll go to one of his shows in the future. The fact that other amazing DJs such as Afrojack gave interviews and talked about Steve Aoki made the documentary even better. All in all, I loved finding out about this DJ’s life story and I got more into his music.


I couldn’t just sit down and watch the whole thing at once. Even if love electronic and house music and even though I listen to it regularly, it was just too much for me to watch it in a sitting, so I actually had to go through five or six sessions. It’s not really a bad thing for me, but if you don’t like heavy stuff, maybe you should give this movie a little more thought or consider doing what I did.

What is a Netflix documentary you’d recommend? Let me know!

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Miss Camila