Netflix Talk: Super Girl

Netflix Talk: Super Girl

NETFLIX TALK- (1).pngHello and happy Friday. Are you ready for another episode of Netflix Talk? Me too! This time I’ll be talking about Super Girl, so make yourself comfortable and let’s get started.


One word comes to mind when I think about Super Girl and it is “empowering”. I mean, we have this superheroine who is actually sent to the human world to save her cousin, who happens to be Superman, and stuff goes wrong and she ends up spending half of her life trying to live as a normal human. The empowering part is that both during her human and superheroine lives or whatever she doesn’t need a man. She is Super Girl and she is a heroine on her own, you know? She’s nobody’s sidekick and she lets everybody know that even if she’s Superman’s cousin, she’s not going to use that to her advantage. We also have Cat Grant, who is badass even though she doesn’t have super powers (honestly she doesn’t need them). That, along with the plot that is really original and the funny jokes made is what drew me to this show.


Okay, I’m no expert and I’m not a professional T.V show reviewer, I just like to share my thoughts about stuff with you guys, so don’t roll your eyes when you read the comment I’m going to make, okay? Here’s the deal: this is an action show alright, but sometimes the action scenes were just too much, like I would open a new tab and check something else while Kara/ Super Girl fought an alien because that exhausted me. Also the effects were kind of old-school, and I don’t know if was on purpose or what, but again, once I noticed, I became painfully aware and couldn’t think about something other than “man, this looks amateur.”

What other superhero/ superheroine show would you recommend? Let me know!

Happy Friday!

Love, Miss Camila

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