“Swipe Right” One Week Update

“Swipe Right” One Week Update

Announcement.png Hello and happy Thursday. It’s been a week since I started my OK Cupid experiment in which I swipe right or “like” every guy shown on the Double Take feature.

After this week I’ve decided to stop the experiment, so this will be the only update I post on it. The reason is, it was fun at first but it was also a bit exhausting, you know? Okay, maybe you don’t know, so let me tell you about it.

During the first day of “liking” ten guys every half hour I didn’t notice any changes in the way OK Cupid usually works for me. The day after that, however, I noticed that my amount of “likes” had doubled, meaning a lot more people had liked my profile overnight. I also got a lot more visitors and a ton of messages.

Probably the hardest part for me was to reply to all the messages I got. Granted, I ignored the ones from people living in Bogota because my intention wasn’t to go on a date with anyone. Most of the messages went along the lines of “hi, how are you doing?”, to which I replied “hi, I’m good, thanks,” pretty standard, huh? Well, a guy told me “aren’t you going to ask me how I am?” Nope, sorry, I’m not. Then this other guy told me I wasn’t really a talkative girl. This comment came after a succession of yes/no questions and formalities that would never lead to a real conversation.

Some guys were very interested on being “my friends”, and asked if we could be friends, which reminded me of the interactions I see my students have at the playground. A guy told me that my favorite book had actually been adapted to movie format, so that was super helpful. Another one asked me if I could help him be naughty, to which I replied “no thanks”, and he said “okay, thanks.” Such a gentleman.

I didn’t have any profound conversations with anyone, more like a ton of small talk that always sort of died. I didn’t see a profile that particularly interested me, and that was a bit discouraging, in terms of the whole experiment I was trying out. I’ll keep my account, as I’ve had for about three to four years now, but I’ll be selective, like I’ve always been.

Tell me, is there an online dating site or app you’d recommend? Let me know!

Happy Thursday!

Love, Miss Camila