Netflix Talk: Full House

Netflix Talk: Full House

NETFLIX TALK-.pngHello and happy Tuesday. I’ve already talked a ton about my three main obsessions in life (you know, books, teaching and makeup), so I thought it would be fun to share my feelings towards another of my obsessions: Netflix. Now, to be honest if I were to pick between reading a book or watching a movie or a show, I’d definitely go for the former, but there are days, especially Sundays, when I don’t want to write or read or blog. Honestly, I don’t want to think, and that’s where Netflix comes in handy.

I kid you not when I say I have a list of shows to watch (binge-watch, really), and so I’m constantly watching something. I try not to go on Netflix on weekdays just because I feel like on those days I have to be super focused and I can’t afford to stop thinking, if you know what I mean. I’ve decided to create this sort of post series called “Netflix Talk” in which I’m going to talk about the GOOD and the BAD things about different shows. Let’s start with Full House.


I love the fact that this is an old show because it means that every episode has aired and hence I can binge-watch. I also love that the episodes themselves are short, so I can watch three in one hour and go through a season fairly easily. It is a lighthearted show and the contents are very family-friendly, which I appreciate because super dense shows means I have to think a lot. It is super easy to follow, so you don’t actually have to watch every single episode to know who’s who and what’s going on. Oh! And did I mention John Stamos plays one of the main characters?


This is a comedy show alright, and I’ve laughed out loud at many jokes, but even knowing this, sometimes the jokes become annoying and not funny anymore. Also, I get that the whole plot is that the main character’s wife dies, but from what I’ve watched there isn’t a single adult lead actress, which, you know, makes me roll my radical-feminist eyes. Finally, and this is just my internal teacher talking, I feel that, when Danny has to discipline his daughters he does a lousy job, like he never actually scolds them and their bad actions don’t have real consequences, so that makes the story unrealistic, at least to me.

What are your thoughts about Full House? Are there any similar shows you can recommend? Let me know!

Happy Tuesday,

Love, Miss Camila