My Cavitation

My Cavitation

Laser Hair Removal.pngHello and happy Monday. Last week I told you about my breast reduction surgery and the reasons why I ultimately decided to undergo this procedure, and I thought it would be nice to tell you about other cosmetic interventions I’ve gotten, which have been non-surgical.

Before I begin talking to you about my experience with cavitation, one of the “treatments” I’ve gotten, exclusively for cosmetic purposes, let me be open about my position towards these interventions and plastic surgery. I used to criticize people who got plastic surgery, and I used to feel like I was entitled to judging them based on what they did to their bodies. That is, of course, until I found that the only solution to a problem I was having was to get plastic surgery. What my experience made me realize is that a) as much as some procedures are merely cosmetic, they can also help a person feel better about themselves and b) nobody is entitled to judge another person based on what they do to their bodies, if said interventions don’t harm or affect other people in a negative way.

It’s not like I decided that plastic surgery was the solution to all my problems, but I started considering other aesthetic treatments that could be helpful. I’ve struggled with overweight my whole life, and my belly is a particularly problematic area, so a year and a half after my boob job, I decided to go to the same clinic where I’d had my surgery, but this time to get a cavitation.

You can look more into this, of course, because after all I’m a preschool teacher and not a surgeon or an aesthetician, but basically the cavitation treatment consists of sort of like an ultrasound with heat and a bit of an electric charge that will melt the fat in different areas of your body. After this, you get a lymphatic drainage to help remove the fat. You’re not supposed to get cavitations more often than once a week because it can be harmful.

The theory sounded amazing, and so after going to my first appointment with the woman in charge of the treatment, she suggested I get ten sessions, which I did. Here’s where this wonder treatment started feeling not so wonderful to me. Here’s the thing, I was going to go through this process, which my mom paid for as my birthday present, to get rid of my belly fat without having to exercise or eat well. Was I being a little naïve by thinking that was possible? Yes. Did I know that at the moment? No.

Before starting I was told I shouldn’t eat anything fried, or any sauces, or refined sugars, or soda, so basically I had the dietary restrictions I have now that I’m seeing a nutritionist and am intentionally trying to eat better. I was also told to drink lots of water, which, surprise surprise, is what you’re told when you want to lose weight. Halfway through the whole process I was also told to start doing crunches so that I could have toned abs. I was basically told to eat well and exercise in order to see results, but wasn’t that what I was avoiding when getting the cavitation treatment? I mean, that’s what I’m currently doing and my belly isn’t getting ultrasounds or electric shocks once a week. I’m not spending a shitload of money, either.

To sum it up, no, I don’t think the cavitation works, but then again it didn’t for me. It’s true that I didn’t eat well or exercise while getting this treatment, but like I said, that alone is what’s led me to be slimmer and lose fat. In other words, try to lose weight the typical way, eating correctly and exercising, and do this by seeing a nutritionist or a personal trainer. Don’t waste your money in expensive treatments that don’t work and aren’t the least bit relaxing.

Do you know of any treatment that actually works? Tell me about it!

Happy Monday!

Love, Miss Camila