Causemetix Nightmare

Causemetix Nightmare

Laser Hair Removal.pngHello and happy Sunday. I know I’m slightly addicted to subscription boxes, whether they are bookish, or makeup and beauty related. One day, when I was coming home from work, I was super bored so I started browsing the different makeup subscription boxes Crate Joy has to offer and I came across the Causemetix box. It caught my eye for various reasons. For one, it’s a cheap box, even if I had to pay a lot for shipping, and two, a percentage of the earnings goes to a charity organization. I thought “wow, that’s cool, I’ll be getting makeup and helping people at the same time.”

I paid for a three-month subscription in March and I haven’t even gotten the first e-mail confirming that my first box is going to be shipped. I have written about three e-mails to the company and have gotten no reply. It’s been so long and I’m so frustrated by this situation that I only want to get my money back.

A few months ago, I told you about an experience I had with Book Outlet, and how I reached out to them and got a refund. Plus, I recently got the box with the stuff I’d ordered. That is what companies are supposed to do, you know? That’s what makes them credible, the fact that they reply whenever there is a question or a complaint and the fact that they really care about costumer satisfaction.

I’m starting to feel that I lost my money to Causemetix. I don’t think it is a reliable company and I would advise you not to invest your money in their products. I would’ve understood if my package got lost like it sometimes happens when stuff is shipped internationally, but in this case my box wasn’t even shipped. Causemetix owes me the value of my three month subscription plus the shipping, but up to this day nobody from the company has told me anything. I’m seriously annoyed, and I just wanted to tell you about my crappy experience.

Have you tried Causemetix? Has something similar happened to you? Tell me about it!

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

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