I “Liked” Every Guy on OK Cupid

I “Liked” Every Guy on OK Cupid

Announcement (3).pngHello and happy Thursday. I have told you in the past about using OK Cupid in an on/off basis for about three or four years now. I don’t really take it that seriously, though there’s a story I’ll tell you in the future about my experience with this app. Today, though, I wanted to tell you about my resolution of “liking” or swiping right on every guy I came across with in the Double Take feature and replying to every message I got.

Now, that feature works just like Tinder, where you swipe right if you like the guy and swipe left if you don’t. The only times when I allow myself not to like someone is if they don’t have a profile picture or have some image that is not actually a person’s face, if the profile appears to belong to a woman, which happens sometimes both on Tinder and OK Cupid, or if there’s anything offensive in the pictures.

I’m not going on dates with anyone, unless I really like the guy, so it’s not like I’m actually meeting every guy I come across with, and there’s not going to be a time limit for this, I just want to know for how long I can carry on with it. Of course, I’ll be posting updates every once in a while.

To begin this experiment, I decided to swipe right on ten people every half hour. In the meantime, I kept the website open to see who messaged me and to reply to messages. I prefer the website to the app, so I don’t have it in my phone. This means that my time on OK Cupid is limited in most cases to just the afternoons. Still, every time I’m using the computer, the OK Cupid website has to be open so that I appear online.

Prior to starting the experiment, I refreshed the page several times, and let me tell you, I started to get nervous. I’m sort of a superficial person and I’m also very transparent in my feelings, so a person can clearly tell whether I like them or not. Having the computer screen is like being protected from people seeing through my real intentions at this experiment, but it still makes me anxious.

After “liking” my first batch of guys I thought “okay, this isn’t that bad, nothing’s happened yet,” and honestly, I don’t know what I was expecting. I kept looking at the page thinking that maybe all those guys I’d just swiped right would immediately start talking to me and when they didn’t I felt a mix between relief and disappointed, you know? Like “oh look, nothing actually is happening,” which also makes me wonder was is going to happen as the experiment progresses.

If you use OK Cupid, I dare you to try “liking” and talking to every person that shows up. I think you might get a nice surprise or at least take part in an interesting experience. Next week I’ll update you on this experiment, for now I hope you have a great day.

Happy Thursday!

Love, Miss Camila