DIY Bookish Treasure Box

DIY Bookish Treasure Box

Hello and happy Wednesday. Today I want to show you how to make a bookish treasure box because I think it’s a great gift. This is actually what my mom, my sister and I got my dad for his birthday, and he loved it.

The first thing you’ll need is a box. Now, before you start wrapping it, make sure that the books or other stuff you’ll put inside fit and that there is some available space to ensure that once they’re wrapped, they will fit in the box.

Now, I think step two is super annoying, but it’s what makes your box go from ordinary to treasure box. What you do here is cover the box in contact paper. We used this wood-like design, which you can get here, but there are other design choices you can go for.




Once the box is done, it’s time to wrap the presents. Now, I think this technique I use only works for rectangular-shaped objects, but it’s my go-to technique.

First step is to measure the paper. Please don’t roll your eyes at me, this piece of advice seems stupid, but then again, it’s better to measure and cut it before starting to wrap than having to stop halfway through and risking messing up. Trust me, I’m a teacher and I spent a while working as a gift-wrapper at this cute little bookstore.



Now what you’re going to do is fold one side of the paper towards the center of the book and place some tape there.






You’re going to do the same folding process with the other side, this time, though the paper must overlap the other one. Press the edges and put some tape there.




Make sure everything is smooth, and well folded before moving on to the next step. Also make sure there’s no air left inside because that makes the package look puffy and we don’t want that. What you’re going to do now is take the corners at either side and fold them inwards. You should get a trapezoid-like shape.



Now here’s where you test whether you folded the paper correctly in the last step because you’re going to make two folds towards the book or whatever you’re wrapping.





The second book should end on the book. Make sure there are no pointy corners because that looks bad. If there are, unfold and fold again, don’t use your scissors to remove them because that’s going to leave holes in the paper. Put tape on each edge and smooth out the paper. If it looks too puffy, that means the paper was too long. I would suggest that you unfold it and cut it evenly, then fold and tape again.

Finally, put the books inside the box. I added a quote to the top of the box using a Sharpie, and there you have it, a bookish treasure box.

Again, you can change the paper and the contents to personalize the box now that you know how to do it.

What are other bookish gift ideas you know of and love?

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila