On Showering

On Showering

Laser Hair Removal (2).pngHello and happy Tuesday. I hope you’ve been enjoying these daily posts because I sure have enjoyed writing them! Today I thought of talking about something that is not really controversial but that interests me, and it’s the different hygiene habits people have.

It interests me because I’ve grown up in the Latino culture but throughout my life I’ve also been influenced by the American one and these are way different in terms of, for example, how often people shower. Latinos shower on an everyday basis, some of us even shower more than once a day on some occasions. This is normal to me, but apparently there are places in the world where showers are not and everyday thing.

You can’t begin to understand my disgust when I was watching American T.V shows and saw that people just seemed to get up from bed in the morning, wash their face and teeth, and then get changed right away. I think I had to do that once, go to school without showering, and I dreaded that whole day. Showering is what makes me really wake up, and get my day started. If I don’t do it, I’m just missing a step, I’m not ready to get on with my daily responsibilities.

A few years ago, I stayed at a family house in Maine as part of this exchange program, and during two days we had a snow storm. My host and her friends didn’t shower for those two days; it wasn’t like we were going to leave the house anyway, no? The thing is, even on days when I don’t leave the house I shower and change into a fresh set of clothes, otherwise I’d feel dirty.

Now, of course there are some occasions when I don’t shower. I don’t shower before going to Zumba because I know I’m going to sweat lots and that just seems like a waste of time and water. I shower right after I get back. There was a time when I was getting this spa treatment in the morning, so I would go to that without showering and then I’d go to my grandmother’s house and get ready.

How often do you shower? When do you think it’s acceptable not to? Let me know!

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Miss Camila