My Boob Job

My Boob Job

Laser Hair Removal (1).pngHello and happy Monday. I feel that ever since I started this blog I’ve shared a lot about the things I like and some of my personal experiences, but I’ve never really sat down and wrote about probably the most important cosmetic intervention I’ve undergone and that’s just weird because everybody who knows me, I mean like really knows me, knows that in June 2015 I had a breast reduction surgery and it was the best decision I made in my life.

I started seriously contemplating the idea of getting a boob job in early 2015. My best friend’s sister had undergone that surgery and though she said it hurt like hell, she was very happy with it and the physical changes were obvious. You see, I’d done Zumba for six months and I had lost weight, but it didn’t reflect in the size of my breasts. I was a 36DD, my boobs were saggy and I was starting to experience back pain whenever I had to stand up for a long time, which is something teachers do often. My clothes didn’t fit right and I felt like I couldn’t wear something with a bit of a cleavage without looking vulgar. It was sad, getting to that point, you know? Not even being able to wear the clothes I liked because I wouldn’t look good on them.

My mom encouraged me to set an appointment with the same surgeon that did my best friend’s sister’s boobs, so I went in April. It was a half-hour appointment and I felt absolutely great and confident that the doctor could help me. I was asked to set a tentative date for the surgery, so I chose June the 22nd. I got my surgery on June the 23rd, it was the second time I’d seen my doctor.

I was surprised not to feel as much pain as I’d expected, given what I’d been told. I felt like I was constantly wearing a bra although really I only had bandages and this surgical top that did nothing other than cover and protect everything. What felt tight was my skin that’d been lifted into place. You see, I didn’t just get a breast reduction, but a breast lift and a bit of liposuction on my back.

Recovery was super easy for me, but then again my tolerance to pain is really high. I went to get post-surgical massages for a while and had two or three check ups with my doctor, where he removed and changed my bandages (that was probably the most painful part for me), and removed the stitches. I removed the final bandages at home while in the shower and it took me the longest time because it hurt like crazy. Then for a week after that I still had to wear the surgical top 24/7.

After three weeks I was able to go back to Zumba and experience the bliss of having regular-sized boobs. I’m a 36B and now I can wear literally anything I can without feeling self-conscious. My back doesn’t hurt when I stand up for a long time and I honestly feel happier now. I feel like this surgery changed my life for the better. I got my surgery in Colombia and it cost the equivalent of $2000, which my parents paid because I wasn’t employed at the moment.

A while ago, I wrote this Tumblr post  and still today I agree with everything. If you’re thinking about getting this surgery or have any questions about the process, let me know and I’d be glad to help!

Happy Monday,

Love, Miss Camila