My Tinderventure in Cartagena

My Tinderventure in Cartagena

Hello and hAnnouncement (2).pngappy Friday. As I was writing my previous posts on meeting foreigners in Cartagena, I was debating whether I should include one last story in one of the posts or rather make a separate one. I decided to write a post exclusively on this story and also make it like a “thing”. Let me explain: I’m going to talk about a particular experience of mine using Tinder in Cartagena, and maybe in the future I can tell you more about some other of my Tinderventures.

I’m pretty open about using Tinder. My family and friends know I use it, but then again I don’t take it as seriously as other people do. I’m constantly downloading and deleting the app on my phone because I get bored easily. I mean, Tinder requires some effort looking through pictures and actually deciding whether you like a guy or not, while other apps like OK Cupid (I’ll talk about it in another post soon) allow you to be less active and still get people to send you messages, you know?

If you don’t know, probably you’ve never tried Tinder. It basically goes like this: you’re presented with people’s pictures, according to your gender/age/location preferences and you swipe left if you don’t like them and right if you do. If they like you too, then it’s a match, and what that means is that you can actually chat with the person. You can not talk to a person you haven’t matched with or with a person who either unmatched you or you unmatched (this is also cool because it’s happened to me that I swipe right only to realize I don’t like the guy that much).

I use Tinder mostly when I’m traveling because it’s a good way of meeting foreigners, which given my recent posts you know I love. What I’ve noticed is that Tinder is still sort of taboo among Colombians, so even if I match with a Colombian guy, he won’t talk to me. Americans are super into Tinder and I feel like they use it way more casually, but that might just be my impression.

On our last night in Cartagena, which was a Tuesday night (I talked about it in my last post), we spent a while at a gay bar and I was getting tired and also super bored but I really wanted to go dance, so took out my phone, opened the Tinder app and started looking through my most recent matches. I sent the message “Hi. Are you in Cartagena?” to four or five guys, and one replied almost immediately.

I knew the guy was hot, or at least cute for my standards because I’d seen his pictures, and I know some people can lie or whatever, but it’s not like he started talking to me without me really liking him, you know? I was sure that if we met in person I’d be alright with the way he looked. Basically the way I think in these cases, even with Roman and the cute foreigner from the previous nights, is that I could perfectly make out with them. And, in my books, if someone’s alright to make out with, then he’s alright to talk to and hang out with.

Joe, the guy who replied to me, was going to have dinner with his friends and then dancing, so he asked me what my plans were. I told him I was going back to Getsemani, which was a ten-minute walk, so we sort of texted back and forth for a while, just sort of planning when and where we’d meet.

At around 12:30 we ended up meeting in front of the church at the town square (I know it might sound romantic but it was actually super casual). I was with Sebastian and he was with two friends, so we just sat there and talked for a while. By then I knew we weren’t going to go dancing or anything like that, but also people were leaving the town square so it wasn’t as fun to stick around for long. Sebastian and I left a few minutes before 1 am and I think Joe and his friends did too. It wasn’t this super sexy moment, but it wasn’t awkward or anything, as Tinder dates sometimes are. It wasn’t even a date, really, we just met to chill and talk, and my little Tinderventure did make my night more interesting.

Have you met anyone via Tinder? How did it go?

Happy Friday,

Love, Miss Camila

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