Meeting Foreigners

Meeting Foreigners

Hello and happy MAnnouncement (1).pngonday. Today I thought it would be cool to share a story with you about a trip I went on with two friends and how we met many cute foreigners.

I don’t know if I’ve said this before but I live in Bogota, which is the capital of Colombia. Bogota is cold and very big. It is not really a touristic city; most people who travel here do so because of work or businesses or just for a short while before going somewhere else.

During spring break this year I went to Cartagena with two friends from university. Now, Cartagena is located in the Caribbean coast. The weather is hot, there’s a lot of breeze from the sea, and it’s basically the number one touristic city in Colombia. We wanted to do the whole tourist plan so we took City Sightseeing tours, and walking tours, but we didn’t just end up seeing places but actually meeting some nice foreigners, most of them backpackers, which are some of my favorite kind of people.

We weren’t really planning to meet all these people, it’s not like we were hunting for foreigners, we just happened to go one night to Getsemani and sat in the town square. We got there at around 10 pm after having dinner near our apartment in El Laguito. I’d gone to Cartagena before but had no idea about Getsemani, so we just sat there to chill, seeing all the people there talking to each other.

Of course I couldn’t stop looking at the hot backpackers and that’s how we met Roman, this German cutie with the sweetest accent who insisted on speaking Spanish to practice. He was sitting next to my friend Sebastian and me, but he was talking to other people, so when I saw that he’d taken a break from his conversation I asked him in my most innocent voice whether he knew of a place where we could go dance. That was our original plan, going dancing. The thing is, it was a Monday and basically every club in Getsemani was closed and apparently the place to be was the town square.

Roman told us exactly that, and though we were kind of disappointed, we thought about looking around because maybe we could find a place. Because it was still early, we decided to sit for a while. Sebastian got up to buy something to drink and I stayed where I was sitting, taking it all in. Now, I don’t think I’m an ugly girl or anything like that, but I’m not the kind of girl hot foreigners approach to talk to, you know? So I was obviously a bit surprised when Roman started asking me questions.

We talked to Roman and to some Mexicans for a while (I don’t know their names) and it was really cool. They told us their stories and plans, and at the and we just got up and left in search of a nightclub, which we found after bar hopping for a while at Centro Histórico. I honestly had never just sat down and talked to backpackers, but everything was so relaxed and the environment was so nice that it felt right, you know? Now that’s sort of what I want to do whenever I travel, get to know other people and listen to their stories.

Do you have a similar story? Tell me about it! I’ll be writing another post telling you about our second day meeting foreigners.

Happy Monday!

Love, Miss Camila