I Tried a Vegan Deodorant

I Tried a Vegan Deodorant

Hello and happy Sunday. I recently became obsessed with Etsy, basically since I discovered many stores ship to Colombia, which is why I decided to start this post series called “Etsy Buys”, where I’ll tell you about stuff I bought and my thoughts on it.

I’m going to write these posts as often as I can, but I’m not constantly buying things on Etsy, so I can’t do them on a regular basis. That being said, let’s start talking about the vegan deodorant I’ve had the chance to try for the last few weeks.

I’d seen the Schmidt’s Bergamot + Lime natural deodorant once in the past and thought “wow, this looks cool, I might buy it sometime in the future.” That was before I discovered the wonders of Etsy, so I probably saw it on Amazon and just added it to my wish list. Now, here’s the story of why this deodorant became relevant in my life again.

I used to have excessive perspiration, which means I had to wear super strong deodorants, the best, most efficient ones being for men. I say I used to because up until a couple of months ago my armpits have been acting strangely, to the point where I’m basically suffering from the opposite of excessive perspiration. I don’t know whether it was the change in my eating, or a new deodorant I started using, or the fact that I’m undergoing laser for hair removal but my armpits went all itchy and dry almost all of a sudden. My strongest theory is the new deodorant I’ve been trying, which got me to decide to get another, gentler one.

Here’s where Schmidt’s became relevant again to me, because by that time I found out the wonders of Etsy and decided to try the whole international shipping with an item, which, you guessed, was the Bergamot + Lime natural deodorant.

Now, I got a little leaflet with the deodorant and it sort of had instructions and tips related to the deodorant, like the fact that it activates when it’s warm, so it means you have to swipe it a few times against your skin before it softens. Once in contact with warm skin it has the greatest texture and it’s not chalky and it doesn’t leave white patches on the armpits or anything. I decided I’d use this product for Zumba and so far I’ve been delighted because I have a fresh smell throughout my classes, and no big sweat patches or anything.

Because I was so in love with this deodorant, I decided to test it in a field trip I went with my students. We went to a town that is warmer than Bogota, and I wanted to see how it held up. The first day everything was great, but on the second day, when I went to shower and get unready, I discovered my armpits were red and sort of swollen. It was as if I’d gotten chub rub on my armpits. They hadn’t hurt before I noticed, but of course once I did, I felt the need to scratch, but I couldn’t because that would increase the tenderness of my skin. Many things could have caused me the rash I got, which I think was caused by an allergic reaction: it could have been the heat alright, or the fact that my clothes had gotten wet, and so the contact of the wet fabric with my skin could’ve also been the cause, or maybe the deodorant reacted to both the heat and the water.

I had to do a final test on this deodorant because it had worked back home and I was really considering to switching to it altogether, but I was scared that it was the cause of my allergic reaction (by the way, that meant that I didn’t apply any deodorant for like five days…sorry not sorry). What I did was apply the Schmidt’s deodorant for Zumba once my armpits went back to normal, and everything was great again.

I would totally recommend this brand and this particular scent, especially if you workout, because this stuff is super fresh. If like me, you’re trying to get into vegan stuff and products that are not as harsh to your body, you should try Schmidt’s. You can buy a sample size and see if you like it before you get the real deal.

Tell me, are you into Etsy? What is something you’d suggest I try?

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

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