Transportation Means for Kindergarten

Transportation Means for Kindergarten

Hello and happy Saturday. Here’s another week-in-review kinda post. Today, I’m going to share with you how we worked with transportation in Kindergarten.

Now, Pinterest is my happy place, so the ideas you’re going to see today were all inspired by pins I found while planning.

Monday started with me teaching my students The Transportation Song, from Mrs. Kelly’s Klass. I used a karaoke version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star as background music.

This song gave me a lot to work with because obviously it includes many vocabulary words related to transportation. It also has the concepts near and far, which we explored with the help of some flash cards from Flash Card Fox I’d brought. Basically, I explained my boys that near means within city limits, while far means out of the city, the country, or even the planet in the case of a rocket.

I showed the boys each of the cards and they had to tell me whether each vehicle traveled near or far.

These cards also worked for the exercise I did next, which I did based on the Transportation Song as well.

You see, it is quite repetitive in the take a… part, so I tool the take a rocket to the moon bit and worked around it.

I wrote the formula I take a _________ to go to __________ and gave each boy a flash card. They have to complete the sentence using the means of transportation they got and a place. This also helped as a review exercise of the different city and neighborhood buildings.

At the end of the class we did a following instructions activity to review colors and basic vocabulary related to transportation.

I was inspired by this picture  to decorate the English whiteboard. Each boy colored a flash card from The Measured Mom, and then I cut them and made them look nice and pretty. The reason why I included “railway” as a subdivision of the land section is that, after the whole-class explanation, each boy individually developed a sorting worksheet by Preschool Activities








Finally, we worked on Math centers using the transportation pattern block mats by you can get the plastic shapes by clicking here.

What are some other cool things you do when teaching this topic? Let me know!

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

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